New program to enhance ministry of executive pastors

By Rez Gopez-Sindac

DALLAS – XPastor, a learning network for executive pastors and others in similar roles, is launching a new program to help church leaders get the education and training they need to do their jobs more effectively.

“About half of new executive pastors come straight out of business,” says Dr. David Fletcher, founder of XPastor, at the sold-out 9th XP-Seminar held in the Hilton Dallas/Park Cities hotel. The annual seminar is a time for church leaders to come together and learn from peers across the country.

Both the new executive pastors and the more seasoned ones benefit from the XP-Seminar, says Fletcher, an accomplished executive pastor, professor of doctoral ministry and an expert in church marketing, management and leadership. “The newbies need an orientation, they need a friend, and they need to get grounded. So we do that and then we challenge the old pros to grow.”

Fletcher notes that the number of churches hiring executive pastors has grown significantly in the past decade. And yet, no one is teaching leaders how to lead and manage the church, says Fletcher. Thus, XPastor is launching XP-Certification, a program designed to give a world-class education in the essentials of church leadership and management.

“I would love to see a whole new level of standard for church leaders … because it’s really easy for someone in church leadership to get caught up in policies, practices and programs – and forget that Jesus is driving the whole thing,” says Fletcher. “You can be a great leader and have a great passion for Christ. That’s what I love for leaders to capture.”

The XP-Certification will present courses in three levels:

Level 1 – Operations
Level 2 – Ministry Strategy
Level 3 – Executive Functions

Fletcher says church leaders from around the country will help teach the courses using webinars, books and practical assignments. Individuals can take classes at any level. When the individual has completed all the classes in a level, they will be certified in that level. When an individual has completed all three levels, they will be certified in “Church Leadership & Management.”

The response so far has been tremendous, says Fletcher. For more information about XP-Certification, go to  xp-certification or email Fletcher at

Rez Gopez-Sindac is the editor of Church Executive magazine,

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