New youth ministry publication now available

Our mission at Church Executive is to help you manage the business component of your church so you may have more time to focus on your role as a spiritual leader. By making better business decisions, you can improve your church’s effectiveness as well as its financial health.

In that spirit we present On the Go, a publication designed specifically for your youth ministry leaders. We have partnered with Leisure Group Travel, the leading publication in the group travel and tour industry, to put together a package of information that you and your youth ministry leaders will find invaluable.

On the Go focuses on a specific but critically important aspect of successful youth ministries, the group travel experience. Whether it is a day trip or an overnight excursion, and whether its purpose is recreational, educational or spiritual, when executed well the group travel event is often the most powerful tool a leader has to connect with his charges. Done poorly, however, the experience can leave much to be desired.

On the Go is designed to help make youth group travel everything it can be. With specific tips and timelines, and with real “how-to” articles, we keep the devil out of the details. We hope you will pass On the Go on to your youth ministry staff. You will help them become better stewards of their resources.

Steve Kane

Publisher/Editor in Chief

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