Online business program specifically for faith-based ministry leaders

The Master of Science in Church Management from the Villanova School of Business allows clergy and pastoral leaders to develop the financial, human resources, and management skills they need to steward the resources of their church or mission.

Curriculum for leaders who mean business about caring for the church

The Master of Science in Church Management (MSCM) is an innovative, two-year online graduate business program that provides a high-level skill set in church management. Built upon two foundational elements — a solid business curriculum and a faith-based approach to church management — each course is meticulously designed for leaders of churches and Christian faith-based ministries. Learn leadership and ethics, human resources, information technology, civil and church law, pastoral strategic planning, organizational management, and more.

Online learning for community and flexibility

The MSCM is designed to meet the needs of an international student body of church leaders and managers of all Christian faiths — including pastors and pastoral associates, parish business managers, directors of diocesan departments, leaders of religious order and those engaged in managing social service ministries.

Your cohort of classmates from around the world will learn with one another and from one another. The program is ideal for professionals who work full-time and cannot leave their ministry to come to pursue full-time study on campus. The program begins with online classes in mid-May, enabling you to attend all classes without leaving your home or office.

A Villanova education, supported by Villanova

Tuition for the 30-credit Master of Science in Church Management at $980/credit is $29,400. Qualified ministers and employees of Christian churches automatically receive a $7,350 (25%) scholarship from the Villanova School of Business. Earn your Masters in Church Management for just $735 per credit.

Want to learn more?

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