Portable room dividers: adding flexibility in a church

By Katie Albrecht

In the church, it’s not only the people that make the experiences great but also the use of the facility. The facility itself is a wonderful resource that if used properly, can bring in new members and funding.

For that reason, your church space needs adaptability to thrive. Here’s how Screenflex Portable Room Dividers can help maximize your church and prepare for the unexpected.

Create extra Bible study classroom space

Sometimes your facility can be scheduled for Sunday School or other church groups at once. If your building has a gymnasium or multipurpose room, it can be used for extra classroom space. In these larger rooms, you can create multiple classrooms with portable room dividers.

Screenflex Dividers are sturdy and also lock in place, holding these temporary walls upright and in the desired shape. If you need to flip your room back to normal after the event, the casters along the bottom of the temporary walls make them simple to move and store.

Bridal suite privacy

When you host a wedding in your church, you might need a bridal suite. These spaces are typically where the bride and her friends get ready together and can be an opportunity for photos.

If your basement or multipurpose room is all you have for a bridal suite, Screenflex Dividers can help create additional privacy. Since Screenflex Dividers can lock into place, some wedding parties use the partitions as changing areas.

As an additional benefit, dividers work great to hang wedding dresses or other clothes on the top.

Hosting community events

As a staple in the non-profit and charity worlds, your church likely hosts numerous community events in addition to weddings. Similar to their use in a wedding, room dividers can help add privacy for their guests.

For instance, at a COVID-19 testing site or even a blood drive, using a portable wall can help people remain secluded and not violate HIPAA regulations. Screenflex Partitions can come in a vinyl covering that has both an antimicrobial coating and is also easy to clean for sanitation.

Prepare for the unexpected

When catastrophes occur, people look to the church for help and for a community. Pandemics and natural disasters are among a couple of examples of why church leaders need to expect the unexpected. Here’s how room dividers can help you prepare for these situations:

  • Natural disasters

If your facility is in an area where devastating earthquakes or hurricanes occur regularly, it could potentially become a source of shelter for people in need. Since these people typically need some privacy, room dividers can help section off space for individuals or smaller groups in the church’s large multipurpose room.

  • Social distancing barriers

In addition to temporarily housing community members, portable partitions can also limit the number of people in a space. While most of us have heard the term social distancing in the last year more times than we can count, it is still relevant in today’s society. Viral pandemics are unexpected problems that can occur at any time in the future. What happens when people still need to be in public spaces but cannot gather? Room dividers have been helping limit the spread of COVID-19 in the pandemic by acting as a form of social distancing barriers. By using temporary walls, you can create a smaller room out of a bigger one and therefore allow fewer people inside of it. Room dividers are helping churches get back to “normal” sooner by allowing members back in their doors.

  • Plexiglass germ protection

Another divider used in the church in modern times is the clear plexiglass screen. Screenflex Clear Room Dividers are typically best used when you need a barrier while allowing communication to the other side. For instance, at many churches that remain open, there are plexiglass screens in front of the pastors while they deliver their sermons.

If you have singers at your services, they could also stand behind a clear partition to sing freely while limiting the spread of germs.

The Screenflex Clear Divider comes in one or three panels to fit any location and is also freestanding for maximum coverage.

For as long as churches have been around, they have needed to be adaptable. With the help from Screenflex Portable Room Dividers, you can help your church grow and pivot your strategy to what’s happening in the world around you.


Katie Albrecht is the Content Marketing Coordinator for Screenflex Portable Room Dividers, the #1 manufacturer of freestanding, portable partitions.

For a little over a year, Albrecht has been creating and overseeing all of the content for the Screenflex website and social media profiles.

Outside of her time at Screenflex, Katie is an accomplished author and podcaster on topics of mental health.


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