Pushpay Launches Donor Development Solution to Help Churches Increase Generosity

Pushpay Holdings Limited, the leading payments and engagement provider to the U.S. faith sector, today announces its fall product update, which includes donor development tools and insights to help its more than 7,900 customers increase participation and deepen connections within their community.

“At Hosanna, we have a vision to grow with irresistible love, generosity, and unity,” said Jennifer Ford, Executive Director of Ministry Services at Hosanna Church. “Having access to data and insights about our congregation enables us to understand where people are on their journey and surfaces opportunities to connect with people in our community who might need it most.”

According to recent research, nearly 30% of charitable giving occurs in December. Leading into the year-end season, churches now have the tools and resources needed to inspire generosity and share how donations are making an impact within the communities they serve. Pushpay’s donor development solution provides metrics, insights, and recommended actions to help church staff identify trends and activity within their congregation like never before. New features include:

  • Holistic view of giving activity: An all-up view of giving activity within a church community, including visibility to new donors, recurring donors, top donors, and at-risk donors; all in real-time. In addition, church finance and administration teams can easily view donors’ preferred channels for giving, total gifts, giving comparisons within a date range, and an overall view of giving trends.
  • Community member details: A single location to view information about individual community members. Access contact information, including phone, email and address, in addition to a history of transactions and recurring schedules.
  • Visibility to donor stages: Based on an individual’s transactional history, organization administrators can view what stage each person is at in their individual giving journey. Stages include: non donor, new donor, second time donor, occasional donor, regular donor, recurring donor, and lapsed donor. In addition, users can identify donors that are at risk, which could lead to a lapse in their gifts.
  • Recommended actions: Depending on where individuals are on their generosity journey, the dashboard displays best practices, next steps, and recommends resources to help deepen connections with each community member. This enables church leaders to nurture and engage with their community in a more timely and purposeful way.

“We know that leaders in the church want to help move people forward in their faith journey, but we’ve been told by customers that they lack the data and technology needed to understand where people currently are,” said Bruce Gordon, CEO of Pushpay. “Our new donor development solutions are simply the first step to enable churches to take a more holistic approach to nurture people and increase participation within their community.”

In addition to new donor development solutions, Pushpay also announces new app enhancements. Features include deep links, which allow users to access linked content from push notifications more seamlessly. In addition, a new bookmark solution will enable app users to save relevant content within their profile, allowing individuals to save or view content at a later time.

Today’s announcement comes on the heels of the company’s recent interim results announcement, which showed strong company growth and highlights how churches are using Pushpay to fund ministry efforts that are making a positive impact in the communities they serve. For more information about Pushpay and the recent product launch, visit www.pushpay.com/blog.



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