Questions To Ask When Choosing A Church App or Giving Provider

When was the last time you evaluated your church’s app or giving provider?

Digital tools play an important role in fulfilling the mission of the church, and having the right tools can make the difference between draining your resources and growing your impact.

Here are the top questions to ask when considering a new technology partner for your ministry.

Questions to ask app providers

These days, it may seem like there are numerous app providers available for churches to consider, but understanding the differences between them is key to making the right decision for your ministry. As you evaluate various app providers, start with these four must-ask questions:

What features do you offer & why are they important?

Of course features are important, however, it’s not just about ticking boxes—it’s about how well those features actually work to fit your church’s needs.

When it comes to custom mobile apps, two different providers may offer similar features, but the way they operate could differ significantly. Some essential features to ask about:

  • Standalone app VS. container app: Find out if your church app will be fully branded for your ministry and available in all major app stores (like Apple and Google). Many app providers only often offer “container apps,” which are contained within the church app builder’s own app and are not fully customizable.
  • Media player: Make sure you know if your app provider will push your audience to third-party media players like Vimeo and YouTube. The best app providers have a native media player built into their platform that includes hosting, easy media management, and one-click publishing to all platforms.
  • Integrated with other tools: Is your app provider a part of a larger, integrated platform? Complete platforms like Subsplash help your church do more with less by combining various disconnected—and often expensive—tools into a single platform.

Knowing the strategy and intention behind a feature will better equip your team to use it effectively and measure your success.

Will our church get support with every package?

Some app providers only offer support for a limited period, such as the initial 60 days, or for an extra fee. But with Subsplash your team gets support from a dedicated Onboarding Specialist to help throughout the entire app-building process! Plus, churches and ministries on the Subsplash Platform have access to technical support via email, phone, video, and an ever-growing catalog of articles, how-to videos, and webinars.

Launching an app is a team effort, so it’s crucial to have a group of experts who are committed to your success and mission—not draining your resources.

How do you measure success?

Your church app is an investment, so you should expect to see results. Make sure your app provider has the tools necessary to help you meet your engagement goals.

Churches on the Subsplash Platform regularly see 50% more media plays, three times more app users, and hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars saved by the end of their first year! Plus, your dedicated Client Success Manager is always there to consult with you about app strategies.

With the right app provider, your church will see real results that lead to more engagement and a greater kingdom impact.

Can I see a demo of your platform?

If an app provider refuses to demo their platform, it’s best to steer clear! Seeing a demo of both their apps and dashboard is the best way for you to see exactly how the user experience will work, as well as your team’s weekly workflow.

Questions to ask giving providers

There’s a lot to consider when selecting an online giving solution for your church. Be sure to ask prospective giving providers the following questions to ensure that your bases are covered.

What are your rates for online giving?

If you’re not receiving clear answers about a giving provider’s rates, consider looking elsewhere. Processing rates, effective rates, along with any hidden fees, greatly affect your church’s expenses, so it’s important to seek absolute clarity on these matters. Keep in mind that rates may vary between credit, debit, ACH, and other payment types, so don’t stop asking questions until you see all the cards on the table.

Unlike other giving platforms, Subsplash Giving has no monthly or hidden fees. With the best rates in the industry, you’ll be able to save money and fuel your mission.

Do you offer volume-based discounts?

Ask giving providers if you can get lower rates based on your ministry’s giving volume. You don’t have to ask Subsplash about lower rates though—it’s built right into our platform!

Subsplash Giving was created to partner with your mission of sharing the gospel and making disciples. With GrowCurve, your rates automatically decrease as your online giving volume increases—as low as 1.9% for cards and 0.5% for ACH. This along with no monthly subscription, allows you to keep more of your donations for ministry.

How many different ways can donors give?

Make it simple for people to donate to your church and partner with your mission. With Subsplash Giving your donors can give in your app, on your website, via SMS text, and even during live streams. And that’s not it! Subsplash now offers Google Pay, Apple Pay, and instant ACH within your church app for an even simpler experience.

What about event payments and other transactions?

Does your church sell merchandise, books, or tickets for special events? If so, make sure to ask your giving provider if they can process “non-charitable” payments in addition to donations.

With platforms like Subsplash, you’ll eliminate the need of having multiple tools, making it much simpler to manage both sales and donations for your ministry. Plus with Subsplash, everything automatically syncs with your church app and website for one go-to place to manage your financial data.

Next steps

At Subsplash, we’re passionate about helping churches and want to help you make the bestdecision that helps you save money, consolidate your digital engagement tools, and more. We hope this information empowers you with the knowledge and tools to choose the best app or giving provider for your church!

Our team of tech and ministry experts would love to learn how we can help you take engagement to the next level. To learn more about the Subsplash Platform and experience these tools for yourself, connect with our team for a free demo today!


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