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The top 6 challenges solved by using cloud-based digital signage

By Kelly Harman

Digital signage can add impact to your message — and ensure that your audience remembers it .

From welcoming new visitors to your church, to requests for volunteers, to thanking donors and acknowledging esteemed guests, digital signage is the most effective way to have your message distributed and retained.

Research shows that 47% of people recall information from digital signage 30 days later. Additional research shows a whopping 63% of people report that digital signage catches their attention — higher than TV, Internet or billboard advertising!

Understanding the benefits is easy … but, how do you get started? What are the common challenges you face? And, how does a cloud-based service help overcome those challenges?

Challenge #1: A high cost to get started. Many digital signage services require a large upfront investment in hardware and software in order to get started — whether you have one or 100 displays. But, you might want to test the waters with one display, get a feel for using it, and then decide if it fits with your requirements.

Cloud-based solutions provide a low cost of entry and should enable you to get started down the path of using digital signage with no upfront investment or significant commitments. The ability to leverage the operating expense (OPEX) model provides scale as needed.

Challenge #2: The technology roadblock. If you’re fortunate enough to have a dedicated technology department, then we’re guessing those folks are already overworked and understaffed. The last thing they want is another type of technology to support.

However, very often, smaller houses of worship either outsource their IT support to a third party or get help from friends and volunteers. Here again, you want to minimize the demands on their time.

Cloud-based digital signage minimizes the need for IT support because there is no hardware to install or maintain. Nor is there software to install and run on your private network. This provides for peace of mind, security, and a fast, easy deployment.

Challenge #3: Rocket-science complexity. The size of the user manual and the amount of training required to effectively use some of today’s digital signage services can be overwhelming. Digital signage can be so complicated that customers avoid using them; thus, content rarely gets updated (if it’s working at all). Most congregations don’t have the time or resources to try and use an overly engineered technology.

In contrast, cloud-based services are designed to be intuitive, requiring limited training and enable virtually anyone to be able to use them. The goal is to democratize digital signage, making it comfortable for virtually any user.

Challenge #4: Managing your deployment. How many times have you walked into a building and seen monitors showing stale, outdated content? Or worse, nothing at all?

This is usually because, in many solutions, the ability to manage signs across multiple locations is lacking. Connecting displays to a cloud service provides you access to the connected displays anywhere, any time. The ability to see the status and change content can all be done from a web-based portal.

Challenge #5: Scaling from one to dozens. Here’s the traditional “gotcha” when you try to expand a deployment: current solutions have fees for software licenses, additional hardware, new quotes, and a potential delay in implementation. Cloud-based solutions’ cost to scale is known in advance, with no hidden fees. You can easily budget for future growth with no surprises.

Challenge #6: Creating engaging content and keeping it fresh. It’s February, and your church still has the tree-lighting announcement on the bulletin board in your lobby. Or, you still have last year’s pastor’s video running in the community center. Digital signs can be the best way to get your message out — but unless the content is engaging and fresh, viewers lose interest.

Cloud-based solutions enable organizations to change content easily and quickly from a centralized location. Content can be created using any tools you wish; therefore, it doesn’t require a specialist. Using pictures, slides or videos can bring new life to your message and keep viewers more engaged.

Whether it’s displaying upcoming activities or driving a fundraiser and selling sponsorship ads, religious organizations can finally take advantage of the amazing benefits of digital signage by selecting a cloud service that matches your budget, resources, and can scale with your comfort.


digital signageKelly Harman is a partner at Department 60, makers of Visualz, an award-winning, cloud-based digital signage service. The service is designed to be simple, secure and cost-effective, turning any display into a digital signage display without the need for hours of training. 

To “test drive” a cloud-based digital signage service, visit and register for a free, no-obligation 30-day trial of Visualz.



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