Rock Church Hosts National Church Security Conference in San Diego June 20-21

SAN DIEGO/Christian Newswire — Recent headlines detailing disasters and violence from bombs and firearms prove that violence and natural disasters are a fact of life and can strike at any time. According to Christian security experts, almost 70 percent of all houses of worship in the U.S. have no organized security or safety plan.

To help all houses of worship learn to plan protect and recover from critical incidents — including natural disasters, active shooter incidents and medical emergencies — The Rock Church of San Diego be hosting its 3rd annual National Church Security Conference June 20-21, 2013.

The objective of the conference is to present critical and essential information from some of the country’s top experts on how to prevent, and respond to, many of the real-world threats that face all congregations, nationally.

Speakers and topics will include:

  • The San Diego Fire Department Bomb Squad/Capt. John Wood and Capt. Larry Rawlings;
  • Dr. Steve Albrecht, CPP PHP, author and international expert/preventing workplace and school violence;
  • Bret Bandick/Response Options/active shooter critical moments before the police arrive;
  • Deputy Chief Criss Brainard/San Diego Fire Department/head of EMS/medical emergencies preparations and responses;
  • Sgt. Mark Crofton CHP/critical incident management; and
  • San Diego County Department of Emergency Services/disaster preparation and recovery.

“This is about deterrence,” says Rock Church Senior Pastor Miles McPherson. “It’s not always what you see in the way of security, but what you don’t see that matters most. And, you can’t measure deterrence.”

The conference will run two days — June 20 and June 21 — at Rock Church in San Diego. Registration is $95 and available online.


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