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SAVINGS IN NUMBERS ICONHow to save money for your ministry on the products churches buy most


For a faith-based organization, a procurement services company provides a system for buying products and services that will reduce costs. Through their association with large, multi-facility clients — as well as with hundreds of manufacturer and distribution partners — these companies can provide value to smaller clients by sharing the discounts brought by the volume.

Download the eBook!
Download the eBook!

Lower costs can be seen from the moment you sign on. Even better, you might not even need to change the products you buy to realize the savings.

While prices vary from region to region, the discount opportunities on everyday products can be vast. On this page are some comparisons of items bought by entegra’s faith-based clients before becoming our program participants and the percentage cost savings* for comparable on-program products. Often, the savings can be seen on the exact same products, from the exact same manufacturer, as in the case with Domino Granulated Sugar (see at right).

Sample market basket

At right are the top products bought by church ministries for camps, church facilities, schools and healthcare environments.

*Specific prices vary depending on the facility’s location, where state taxes and shipping play a role.

Glen Witsaman is National Director of Business Development, Leisure & Faith-Based segments at entegra Procurement Services, a non-fee-based purchasing company that provides customized procurement and distribution services for food and related supplies to many industries, including hospitals, schools, restaurants and church groups in the United States and Canada.


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