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Gateway Seminary of the SBC exists to educate and equip present and future ministry leaders who expand God’s kingdom around the world. 
In addition to training ministers to grow the church, we believe it is important students learn how to care for the church. Sexual abuse is a challenge every church leader should be prepared to prevent and confront.

Gateway is committed to educating and equipping ministers who face challenges with integrity, courage, and biblical wisdom.


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The seminary addresses sexual abuse prevention, sexual harassment, and related issues throughout its curriculum in counseling, pastoral ministry, ministry administration, educational leadership, and ministry practicum classes.  

Glenn Prescott
Director, Theological Field Education
Chair, Leadership Formation
Professor of Ministry Leadership
Gateway Seminary

Since partnering with MinistrySafe in 2017, Gateway Seminary has required sexual abuse awareness training for every student in a master’s program. In addition to requiring MinistrySafe training in a variety of degree plans, Gateway has also created internal resources related to crisis response and reporting for certain tracks related to childcare programming.

The seminary has also integrated various aspects of sexual abuse awareness, prevention, reporting and care throughout its organizational structure to better inform and train faculty, staff and each Gateway student.  

Leadership continues to evaluate ways to integrate tools and instruction that allows Gateway stakeholders to better understand, prevent and respond to sexual abuse matters.


Gateway is also committed to educating and equipping local church leaders through conferences and presentations — live and online.  

Gateway hosts an annual, one-day Emerging Trends in Ministry conference — featuring attorneys, insurance professionals, and other community leaders — on a wide range of legal, moral and ethical issues related to sexual behavior by ministry leaders and preventing sexual abuse and / or harassment in ministry organizations. 


Though we are committed to the prevention of abuse, Gateway is also committed to the wellness and healing of those who have already been victimized. Gateway provides access to counseling services for employees or students who have experienced sexual abuse or harassment. Many people come to seminary with these experiences in their past and find the seminary community a place for healing and personal growth.


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