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What is it about a great story that captivates us? There’s something in all of us that can’t help but be drawn into a masterful story. It’s why we love books, movies and entertainment.  It’s even why we listen to podcasts. Stories transform us from being an observer of information to a participant in an unfolding narrative. We see ourselves reflected in the characters and find hope in their triumphs. There’s something about stories that help us find our way.

In today’s world, we have access to stories like never before. From Netflix to Instagram, drama constantly unfolds at our fingertips. Raising a family in this digital age is an unending challenge to navigate. I am constantly aware of what stories are garnering my children’s attention. What is the narrative that’s showing them who they are? I’m watching them search for truth in the middle of our culture’s information overload. If I’m being truly honest, we are all fighting the battle for what captures our thoughts — myself included.

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When I was a child, my grandfather was the best storyteller I knew. He turned his gift into a family business when he went from being a dairy farmer to producing live stage shows. He was passionate about using stories to help people understand the Bible, just like Jesus used parables. What he started as a small, traveling multi-media show, has now grown into two of the largest live theater venues in the country. Throughout the last 45 years, Sight & Sound Theatres has drawn more than 25 million people to our two locations in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and Branson, Missouri. A lot has changed since those humble beginnings, but one thing remains the same: our calling to bring the Bible to life.

Bible stories have been transforming people’s lives for thousands of years. But too often, our Bibles can sit collecting dust. It’s so easy to reach for our devices that seem to have “all the answers.” How do we ignite a passion for God’s Word in the midst of this war for our attention?

I often wonder if the answer can be found by looking to the Master Storyteller. At Sight & Sound, we bring the Bible to life because we believe that these stories matter. We can’t take credit for them, but we do get to tell them in a brand-new way that hopefully inspires a revived excitement and enthusiasm for the Bible. There’s nothing we love more than watching families come together and experience Scripture in a way that leaves a lasting impact far beyond the stage.

This Easter, we are bringing the production JESUS to the world in a special live event. It is our hope that the greatest rescue story of all time truly comes to life for those who watch it. While this production may be full of breathtaking special effects, what shines brightest from the stage is not the spectacle of the show, but the significance of the story.

Together, we can bring the Bible to life this Easter for those we love. When we create experiences that spark renewed engagement with Scripture, we begin to transform our world – one story at a time.

Katie Miller is the oldest grandchild of the founders of Sight & Sound Theatres® and serves as the company’s Communications Manager. Sight & Sound will host a live broadcast of its groundbreaking stage production of “JESUS” on April 2. More information at


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