So you want to be a great boss? 4 tips

Here are 4 keys to being the best boss you can be. These keys apply to parents and coaches, as well.

1.12.15-So-you-want-to-be-a-great-boss-imageBe there. Great leaders and bosses are there for their employees when they need them. This means when there’s a problem that needs a solution, when there’s a problem at home, when there’s a big meeting and when there is a celebration to be had. Great bosses and leaders also have the backs of their team members and are to support them when needed.

Be fair. No, life isn’t fair. However, Proverbs 20:10 is just one of the verses in Scripture that outlines the need for fairness. It says, “Differing weights and measures, the Lord detests them both.” Now, being a boss doesn’t mean everything is equal. That’s known as communism. However, you need to do your part to ensure that the playing field is fair and equitable for all.

Be reflective. We all have blind spots. A great boss is our mirror. Bosses help us to see ourselves for who we are – the good and the challenges. They also can reflect our issues and concerns, and often that reflection leads to a solution.

Be futuristic. We do live in the here and now. However, great leaders show a preferred future to their team and cast a vision of possibility for the development of their employees. They don’t go too far and make promises that aren’t realistic. Being honest, open and excited for the future of the organization and of the employee makes for a great boss and leader!

What other keys would you add to being a great boss?

Live well. Lead well.

EricRojasEric Rojas loves his role as the executive pastor of Christ Community Church in St. Charles, IL, where he oversees a staff of 120 and serves alongside Senior Pastor Jim Nicodem. He has been on staff at CCC since 2000.
During his 20+ years of ministry, Rojas has served in churches as a youth pastor, adult ministries pastor, small groups pastor, associate pastor, worship pastor and men’s pastor.

He is a contributing author for Group Publishing’s Men’s Ministry in the 21st Century and has written for various magazines and websites.
Rojas also serves the church-at-large through consulting and seminar presenting.
He has been married to his wife, Rachel, for 22 years. They have 3 children — Luke, 21; Adam, 19; and Chloe, 17.
A man of faith, Rojas believes that next year is the year the Cubs will finally win the World Series.


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