Stewardship of space: planning for longevity

By Katie Albrecht

Rather than constructing a brand-new facility, adapting your current space might be the better fit for your church’s needs. Now, to help your church thrive, you need the appropriate tools for adjusting your existing building. In the name of good stewardship, consider not only the immediate future of your facility but also for the long run. 

One way to accomplish this longevity is to maximize your space with furniture such as durable portable partitions. As you choose the right room dividers for your facility, here’s how focusing on quality will give you a product that lasts for years.

Focus on quality instead of cost

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When looking for church partitions or any other furniture, it’s natural to want to find the most economical price. However, the cheapest option might not be the best one, since long-lasting and durable products typically come at a higher price point. Not only are you paying for the best materials in a higher investment, but many times you are also supporting a small, family-owned business as well.

Why should a church support a small business? Well, when your community members see you as their church leader supporting family businesses and small organizations, they will remain loyal to you. A community, after all, looks after one another. Keeping these thoughts in mind, you can focus on your product’s quality while simultaneously strengthening the church’s congregation. 

Manufacturing with satisfaction guaranteed

As far as high-quality partitions go, Screenflex aims to set the standard. Not only are these screens completely freestanding and portable, but they also have self-leveling casters for ease of mobility over any surface. In addition to the casters, the unique full-length piano hinges between each panel evenly distribute weight to minimize stress on the divider and maintain its alignment. 

When your room dividers are stable and simple to use, they can easily last decades. Additionally, every partition has a three-year warranty in case of any issue. Since you are working hard to grow and retain your membership numbers, buying new furniture should be the least of your concerns. By investing in high-end temporary wall partitions, you no longer have to worry about them in your space. 

Decades of longevity

North Cape Lutheran Church in Franksville, Wisc., is a prime example of using these tools for longevity. This church initially became a Screenflex customer in 1999 with a few of their Standard Room Dividers. Not only did the leaders at this church purchase more Screenflex dividers in the year following, but these partitions are still used today in 2021. North Cape’s folding wall dividers also remain in excellent condition despite some natural wear-and-tear from several years of use. This church is just one instance of many that show how a higher investment can create a long shelf-life and excellent customer satisfaction. 

General maintenance tips

Stewardship of your facility also means keeping all of its existing furniture in the best possible condition. Though these sturdy partitions are long-lasting, normal wear-and-tear can occur. Some light cleaning and maintenance might be necessary to keep your Screenflex product looking sharp and in working condition.

Depending on which divider you choose for your church’s needs, the maintenance might look different for each. For vinyl or clear room dividers, you would need to wipe down the panels with a wet cloth or light cleaning solution. On the other hand, for the fabric-covered partitions, blotting a small amount of a mild detergent or upholstery cleaner would help take out the stains instead. As far as the casters and hinges go, a little preventative WD-40 every so often will do the trick. 

Being a good steward involves effort and consideration of your church space, and choosing the proper furniture is no exception. By selecting the best-quality room dividers, you can prepare your facility for the long-haul and be ready for potential unplanned situations.

Katie Albrecht is the Content Marketing Coordinator for Screenflex Portable Room Dividers, a leading manufacturer of freestanding, portable partitions. For a little over a year, Albrecht has been creating and overseeing all of the content for the Screenflex website and social media profiles. 

Outside of her time at Screenflex, Albrecht is an accomplished author and podcaster on topics of mental health.


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