Succession planning: Is your church ready?

Carrying on the good work Christian organizations do requires planning for smooth transitions of leadership.

In a recently published article in Outcomes, MMBB Financial Services Director of Human Capital Management Vincent Schera defines succession planning, explains its importance to your organization, and offers four steps for crafting a successful succession plan.

Succession planning is the process of developing high-potential employees who have the ability to play leadership roles within your organization. It involves careful evaluation of staff capabilities and development of a process that includes training, mentoring and skill development.

Schera identifies four steps for crafting a successful succession plan.

1) Carefully evaluate your ministry to understand the values, vision and skills you want your prospective leaders to have.

2) Determine the individuals who have high potential and are high performers.

3) Nurture the talent.  A critical aspect of developing talent is implementing an effective retention strategy.

4) Evaluate the succession plan. One common method of assessing individual talent is the 9-box chart, a powerful tool that can clearly reveal future leaders.

MMBB_logoDeveloping a succession plan can show who on your staff has the capacity to play a larger role in your organization and to begin preparing them for this expanded responsibility. Read the full article


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