Survey finds churches using the cloud more likely to see increase in giving

SAN JOSE, Calif. /PRNewswire/ — Intacct, makers of cloud financial management and accounting software, recently announced the results of new research on how churches use technology. In a recent survey of more than 1,000 small to mega-sized churches, Intacct found that churches using cloud technology have much more engaged constituents and benefit from increased giving. However, church managers are still in search of better efficiency and stewardship of funds.

Churches continue to expand their use of technology. Survey respondent reported that more than 78% currently use financial management software and more than 65% use membership management software, while only about 36% leverage an online giving system. Although large churches (those with more than 1,000 people in weekly attendance) lead the way in the use of cloud-based systems — with 80% of respondents having adopted the cloud — a majority of smaller churches (55%) also use at least one cloud system. Interestingly, churches using cloud technology to support online giving were much more likely to experience increases in giving by their congregation (75%) compared with those not using cloud technology (18%).

In search of increased efficiency

The survey also shows that churches of all sizes are still searching for ways to increase efficiency and improve stewardship of funds. When asked if their current systems allowed for tracking of program and ministry outcomes as well as giving metrics with automated reporting, most did not support this or required manual processes to measure. In fact, nearly 40% of respondents listed struggles with spreadsheet and manual processes as the biggest pain points of their current financial system. That was followed closely by reporting and the lack of any time/anywhere access to data.

“The results of our survey are encouraging because they show the positive impact that cloud and online technologies have in increasing giving at churches of any size,” said Clark Newby, vice president of marketing at Intacct. “Yet we also see that not all cloud technologies are equal. Churches need more comprehensive, automated reporting to tie programs to results such as membership increases, so they can use funds to the greatest benefit of congregants.”

Intacct’s financial management and accounting system gives church executives the ability to review budgets, approve payments, and monitor program impact metrics with real-time visibility, allowing organizations to make proactive changes that ensure program-funding requirements are achieved. A 100% cloud-based system, Intacct can also help churches improve donor relations and increase credibility in a competitive and dynamic funding environment. With “always on” access to data and business intelligence, Intacct users have the visibility and tools to ensure timely communication with external stakeholders using simple reporting tools on the key success metrics that support a church’s mission.

To view an infographic of the survey results or download the full report, visit the Intaact website


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  1. Sean Hale

    Thank you for this article. I have lots of small church colleagues whose congregations still resist doing basics like automatic and online giving. This adds to the preponderance of evidence for making this change. Its a relatively small investment that is highly likely to produce significant rewards.

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