Together We Advance: Pushpay’s ‘Church Tech Check’ assessment helps ministries evaluate and optimize their digital tools

This free assessment analyzes a church’s current technology usage, then provides scores, rankings, recommendations and resources to make achieving their mission easier.

Most church leaders didn’t start in ministry because of a passion for technology. That’s what Pushpay’s here for — to help develop the digital tools and provide guidance to churches seeking to build connection and belonging in their communities through tech.

We’re always looking for ways to solve for church leaders’ pain points. Sometimes the answer is a new app feature or next-gen piece of software; we pride ourselves on grounding all our innovation in response to feedback received from churches. Other times, we act on a need we’ve identified in the industry — that was the genesis of our annual State of Church Tech reports, which survey over 2,000 leaders from across the country about their evolving relationships with technology.

To that end, one lingering concern among churches seems to be confidence in their current digital suites, which is completely understandable. Tech evolves quickly; there seems to be a new feature or upgrade announced daily, and leaders are too busy carrying out the work of their ministry to keep track of the latest trends and technologies.

Pushpay’s answer to that dilemma is our new Church Tech Check. This free seven-minute assessment asks simple questions about a church’s current tech tools, then instantly generates a report with scores, rankings, recommendations and resources, all tailored to that church.

How the Church Tech Check was designed

At Pushpay, we’re fortunate to work with a passionate team with more than 10 years experience serving more than 15,000 churches across the US. That’s a lot of knowledge to draw on for laying out the questions, potential responses, how to calculate the scores, and more, allowing us to create this first-of-its-kind proprietary assessment focused squarely on mission-based organizations.

But like we mentioned earlier, we don’t work in a silo. We collaborate and develop alongside churches in everything we do—so we made sure to
gather reactions and feedback from a variety of leaders while developing the Church Tech Check. Their insights were invaluable for polishing the
assessment and reports, ensuring the results are helpful and meaningful for everyone who participates.

How the assessment works

The Church Tech Check was intentionally designed not to require a detailed technical understanding of every nuance in a church’s digital system. Participants simply select which tools and features their church is currently using from a series of lists; the entire process truly takes just seven minutes.

The custom, instantly generated, eight-page report will rank the church as a Beginner, Intermediate, or Leader with technology, and provide an explanation of what that overall grade means.

Next, the report breaks down the church’s results into five key dimensions of church management: Giving, Communicating, Serving, Managing, and Engaging. Each section receives a separate ranking — not necessarily tied to the overall grade — and a breakdown of that specific grade. In this manner, churches can identify which specific dimensions of their church are being efficiently enhanced by tech, and which categories might benefit from increased digital emphasis in the future.

And churches aren’t left wondering what their next steps might be. In each of the five key dimensions, the Church Tech Check provides recommendations and further resources, meaning leaders are able to immediately dive into any topic or result that resonates with their church, and start exploring the latest solutions and strategies to address concerns.

The report is a great resource to enable shared understanding for annual planning efforts.

The spirit behind the Church Tech Check

There will never be a silver bullet, one-size-fits-all technology solution that’s perfect for each and every ministry. Churches are unique. Their leaders and congregations, their staff and volunteers, their financial realities and attitudes toward technology, and a dozen more factors besides — these all add up to create an identity that only a church’s leaders and community can truly know.

At every stage in the Church Tech Check, we emphasize that a lower ranking isn’t a condemnation. A church that scores Beginner across the board hasn’t done anything wrong; perhaps they’re just getting their feet wet with church tech. If someone’s rankings come back mostly high, but one key dimension scores low, that doesn’t mean something’s broken; maybe it’s simply an area of ministry this church has a comfortable handle on, without the need or desire for much tech assistance.

“Our team is passionate about creating tools to equip the Church for success,” said Pushpay CEO, Molly Matthews. “We are excited to see how the new insights uncovered by Church Tech Check will empower ministry leaders to navigate a territory they may be unfamiliar with.”

At its core, the Church Tech Check is the latest tool Pushpay is proud to provide to increase digital transparency and knowledge, and to help churches achieve their missions.

Pushpay’s Church Tech Check is live — take the free assessment now, and receive your custom report in minutes!


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