Together We Honor: the importance of Pastor Appreciation Month for fighting burnout

Communities rely on their church leaders year-round. It’s a responsibility willingly accepted by those who’ve been called to serve — and more often than not, those leaders are the last ones to ask for any recognition or applause for their sacrifice.
But that dynamic is exactly why Pastor Appreciation Month is so important. The tradition provides an opportunity for all those whose lives have been touched and improved, to show the gratitude and appreciation that leaders would never ask for — but which they often need, perhaps more than they recognize.

The History and Spirit of Pastor Appreciation Month

Many don’t realize how recently this annual event came about; Pastor Appreciation Month began as a grassroots movement during the 1990s. There’s no agreed-upon date or origin for this celebration, but like all great ideas, it quickly spread like a wildfire across congregations and Christian denominations.

Whether a church celebrates through special services or prayers, gifts or potlucks, acts of service or financial support, the spirit of the month is consistent. It’s a time for thankful communities to express just how much their pastors matter in their lives.

That gratitude is something they need to hear and feel; a major factor in the widespread adoption of Pastor Appreciation Month was that leaders constantly feel overburdened by the weight of their roles.

The Burnout Epidemic

The number that’s usually kicked around is 1,500. That’s how many pastors supposedly leave their vocation every month.

The truth, according to a Lifeway Research study, is closer to 250 per month.

Which is better, but still tragic. Those who once felt such a strong calling to serve, lead, and shepherd their church don’t pursue that path on a whim. Pastors are passionate, empathetic, strong-willed individuals — yet the trend continues.

No wonder Pastor Appreciation Month took off: the same Lifeway study concluded that 84% of pastors claim they’re on call twenty-four hours a day, 80% expect conflict in their church, and 54% find their role frequently overwhelming.

Pastors taking a small semblance of a break each October, allowing those who benefit from their tireless efforts to celebrate all their hard work, is beyond well-deserved. But burnout persists — an issue that influences almost everything we build at Pushpay.

Technology’s Role in Preventing Burnout

Looking for help is never a sign of weakness. Quite the opposite; it shows a pastor’s self-awareness, knowing that they might be slipping toward the end of their rope, and acknowledging that the community they care about will be negatively affected should they leave the ministry.

There’s usually another hesitation for leaders looking for support: they don’t want to pass their burdens onto others. But that’s the gift of technology. So much of the toil weighing down struggling pastors, staff, and volunteers can be alleviated by tech solutions.

These days, virtually every church uses some digital tools. The 2023 State of Church Tech report found that 94% of ministries believe technology is important for achieving their mission — and we’re not just referencing Excel spreadsheets and email accounts.

Online giving solutions remain the most-used tech solution for ministries, while church and donor management software increased in popularity among churches this past year. More and more leadership teams are discovering the value of a fully integrated, intuitively designed ChMS. Tools that simplify event scheduling, check-ins, volunteer management, and data analytics — while seamlessly communicating with all your other digital platforms — eliminates many manual tasks that drain the energy of leaders, which all too often is the root of burnout.

Many churches say they’re happy with their current tech suite, but too few regularly explore the latest features and updates, which might solve for the inefficiencies and headaches that slowly weigh down once-passionate teams.

This Pastor Appreciation Month, while you celebrate your leaders, consider exploring the latest church tech solutions on the market. One of the new features, platforms, or updates might be exactly what a tired leader needs to free up their time for the work they really care about, and in doing so reinvigorate their passion for the Church.


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