Together We Rejoice: Data-Driven Church Management For A More Effective Holiday Season

By Shanda Boyett

Every holiday season sparks a fresh wave of engagement, joy, and faith for churches — as well as headaches for leaders and staff. The surge in responsibilities and events, plus the coordination necessary to pull everything off, is an all-to-familiar struggle this time of the year.

But you and your team don’t have to shoulder the burden alone; this annual stressor emphasizes the benefits of technology solutions for churches. And while virtually every ministry uses some form of tech tailored to the Church, simply using the tools isn’t enough. The data automatically gathered through your platforms can provide a goldmine of valuable insights that can help you intelligently plan your upcoming holiday programs, and inform your decisions as you lead your ministry into 2024 and beyond.

Let’s make sure you’re getting the most out of your digital solutions by running through all the ways data can refine your approach to the holidays, so your team can spend less time working and more time rejoicing with your community.

Attendance Patterns

Take a look back at previous attendance data during the holidays. Identify the peak days and times for participation, and use that information to schedule your upcoming events, services, and programs.

Member Preferences

Reach out to your community and listen to their preferred activities and traditions. You can use digital forms and surveys to quickly elicit responses, then spot trends and tailor your holiday offerings accordingly.

Resource Allocation

With the above information in hand, you’ll be able to more efficiently distribute the time, talent, and treasure of your staff and volunteers without burning them out.

This data-driven approach not only ensures your teams feel well-shepherded, but will create a more enjoyable holiday experience for those partaking in your

Communication Strategies

Dive into which channels — email, social media, text, newsletters — are connecting with your congregants, specifically during past holiday seasons. This analysis will help you refine your strategies for communicating important dates, announcements, and invitations in the coming months.

Event Success Metrics

Set trackable, realistic goals for your upcoming events and services. Even if you fall short on metrics like attendance, engagement, or contributions from new and existing donors, the information will be invaluable for the future of your ministry.

Budgeting and Fundraising

Make sure all your plans for the upcoming holiday season are grounded in the financial data from previous years. Look at your recent numbers and budget accordingly; don’t make the mistake of wishful thinking, convincing yourself that you can splurge because, “this year will be different!”

Outreach Effectiveness

Tracking data to understand which of your charity drives, community projects, and other initiatives are having the biggest impact is key to helping you focus your efforts to better serve those in need.

Volunteer Management

Every volunteer wants to be matched with a task that resonates with them.

Employ data to assess their availability, skills, and interests, and you’ll be better able to create a rewarding service experience for them this holiday season.

Safety and Security

Your community always appreciates efforts to make their experience with your church more secure. Analyze past incidents, and identify potential areas for improvement in the lead up to the holidays.

Feedback and Improvement

Once the season winds down, encourage members and volunteers to provide feedback — and don’t forget about those notes next year! Implementing their insights will make them feel heard, increase their connection with your church, and build trust in your leadership for years to come.

Could you benefit from a clearer, deeper understanding of your church’s health? Pushpay’s free Field Guide For Asking The Right Questions Of Your Data can help you interpret the numbers, spot trends, and translate those insights into effective strategies for ministering.

Shanda Boyett is the Director of Corporate Marketing for Pushpay. For more information about how we’re working with churches to build community and inspire generosity, visit


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