Webinar recording available to ministries preparing for a loan

BREA, California — The Great Recession forever changed the way commercial lenders evaluate potential borrowers and their requirements for ministries that need a loan. For ministry leaders, this means that preparation for future financing needs to look different.

To help ministries prepare well, Evangelical Christian Credit Union (ECCU) produced a webinar in February titled “How to Look Like a Healthy Borrower.” This hour-long learning opportunity was recorded and is now available online.

By watching this webinar recording, you can expect to learn:

  • Why and how commercial lending requirements have become more stringent.
  • Key metrics for evaluating the financial health of your ministry.
  • The criteria commercial lenders use to evaluate creditworthiness today.

This webinar recording is relevant for churches and parachurch ministries.

ECCU’s three regional directors pooled their decades of experience to present this webinar. They include Don Hughes, Jeremy Moore, and Mike Boblit.

Along with the recording, additional resources are available to help you evaluate the financial health of your ministry, including ECCU white papers How to Budget in a Changing Economy, Financial Statements Matter, and much more.

To watch this free webinar recording and access the additional resources, visit www.eccu.org/healthyborrower.

To learn about all of ECCU’s webinar recordings and upcoming webinars, visit webinars. For more information, contact ECCU at 800.288.4846 or solutions@eccu.org.

Source: eccu.org

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