What a powerful, affordable church app can do for your ministry

Ministry Brands is excited to announce the September 10th launch of an affordable, new mobile church app for Apple and Android platforms — MinistryOne!

By Valerie Russell

People are more connected to their phones now than ever before. Studies show people in the U.S. spend up to 5 hours a day on smartphones, and 85% of that time — they’re using apps.

One reason people flock to church apps is because they provide an interactive mobile experience unlike any other. They allow your church to be accessible anywhere, anytime, and encourage a culture of generosity.

Many ministries are already excited about using an app to expand their reach and provide a convenient tool for members to give and engage on. But, you might wonder what a church app can do for your ministry in particular.

Let’s dig deeper into the benefits of a church app and what you can expect from features, cost, and usability.

Increase engagement with the mobile-first population

It’s no secret the faith community is part of the increasingly mobile-first population. It only takes a quick glance before and after church service to see mobile devices in the hands of all generations. In fact, more than 77% of adults have smartphones and are already comfortable using apps.

With mobile as the preferred way to communicate, a new and powerful church app elevates engagement levels and expands your outreach in the community. It provides a convenient way to interact with the church and keep everyone informed about upcoming events, prayer requests, and more. Plus, apps help keep phones organized, so searching for the church’s calendar and sermons is effortless.

Access key features people want (and expect) in an app

A robust church app gives your staff and your church access to key features that encouragement engagement and reduce admin burden.

If you’re a church admin, expect seamless integrations with software tools you’re already using. By taking advantage of direct integrations into popular church management and online giving brands, admins experience a harmonious flow of information between platforms and member interactions.

Church leaders and admins can also configure their own brands, colors, and workflows using the clean and simple administration interface. It’s straightforward to load streaming media, audio and documents. You can easily set up forms for events, groups, and more because it’s intuitive and works with your ChMS and giving platform when collecting payments and tracking engagement.

Your congregation also benefits because they can listen to the latest sermon series and send and receive prayer requests in seconds. Registering and paying for events can be completed right from the app. They’ll also be able to access online giving whether they want to manage their account or give.

Stay within budget (for all-sized churches)

Your church doesn’t need a big budget to access a powerful app. Affordable, full-featured apps like MinistryOne keep churches within budget and can even inspire more giving. The features are robust and integration is seamless, and it comes at a refreshingly low monthly rate.

Remember, just because an app is expensive doesn’t mean it’s the best!

As a leading provider of software for churches, Ministry Brands is dedicated to finding solutions for pastors and church administrators to better connect with their members. The latest development is MinistryOne — the powerful and affordable church app designed to bring your community together beyond the church walls.


Valerie Russell is the Content Specialist for Ministry Brands, a software company dedicated to empowering faith-based organizations in a digital world. She’s passionate about helping churches of all sizes use technology to further their vision and connection with the community.







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