You have a church to run and a staff to pay. But are you paying enough to make them STAY?

The church compensation challenge

To attract, retain, and motivate key members of your staff, you need to know if your compensation is on par with other churches of your size.

Let’s be honest: it’s a competitive labor market. Even in a church, it’s not enough to assume loyalty.

An annual review of staff compensation market data is best practice for churches of all sizes and denominations.

Enter, the church salary survey conducted by The Church Network, is a reliable source for ministry pay data. Using a system that automatically updates data as participants submit new information, includes information from a wide range of churches for more than 100 job titles. is an invaluable salary survey tool that provides the most current — and most accurate — pastor and church salary resource available.
We do the research for you — and with you. benefits

  • Gives you a competitive edge by providing access to the
    most up-to-date and accurate national, regional, state, and
    local ministry pay information available
  • Positively impacts your ministry, by providing knowledge
    regarding equitable compensation for your ministerial and
    support staff
  • Helps ensure your ministry has the resources needed to be a better financial steward

Why subscribe to salary survey results?

We help ensure your ministry has the resources it needs to be better financial stewards by providing comprehensive, relevant, and custom reports that answer the following important questions:

  • Are you getting paid what is comparable to the local market?
  • Are you paying your staff the salaries that will keep them long-term?
  • Are you using your church resources the best way that is available?
  • What are other churches your size and denomination in your area offering for various positions?

An online subscription helps you answer these questions — and more — by providing password-protected access for one full year.

Access includes the ability to create unlimited custom reports, plus the ability to print Standard Monthly Reports throughout the year. Standard monthly reports contain predetermined data cuts. These reports are updated monthly and are archived so you can go back in and run reports from previous months/years. Custom reports put you in control of the salary database and enable you to generate reports based on just the data you need and can be sorted on one or several factors, creating the exact information your ministry needs.

Why participate in the salary survey?

By participating in the survey, you are making a significant impact by contributing information that supports and assists other ministries. Your participation makes comparisons easy on custom reports and graphics.

When more churches provide their salary scales, it enhances the quality of the survey, resulting in reports that are even better and more relevant. Your participation in the salary survey supports other congregations with an expanded data set.

With more than 100 job titles to choose from, we know it can seem overwhelming to complete the survey. Simply enter the salary numbers you do have [the more, the better!] and update them at any time. Participant data remain active for 18 months.

The Church Network’s church salary survey continues to be the most comprehensive and reliable data available to church administrators, but it is only as good as we make it. We need your data input to stay on top of this ever-changing environment.

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