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Clarifying your role in the second chair

second chair church leader

By Mike Bonem “And all other duties as may be assigned.” This is commonly the last line in a job description. But, the practical reality for many second chair leaders is that this is their first responsibility. This simple truth can be frustrating and confusing.  It’s confusing when you’re not sure what your priorities should […]

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Generis and RSI Solutions unite under the name and leadership of Generis

Together Generis and RSI Solutions Bring More Resources and More Experience to Help Churches Accelerate Generosity and Fund Kingdom Visions Two major names in church stewardship and generosity, Generis and RSI Church Solutions, united under the name and leadership of Generis on June 1, 2017. Together, Generis and RSI have helped more than 13,000 churches […]

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How bad church leaders improve to become good church leaders

By Sam S. Rainer III Leadership literature is chock-full of ways in which an average leader can become great. We all believe we’re good. Greatness is just a book, a conference, or a degree away. Indeed, I believe run-of-the-mill leaders can become better with training. A desire to learn, self-awareness, and a solid work ethic […]

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Risk for any religious organization — overseeing youth

children risk

By Crispin Ketelhut Montelione The largest risk for any church organization is overseeing youth. The main goal is to create a safe environment as the basis for any child’s encounter with God to be safe and open to receive Him; this is the responsibility of caring adults. This article outlines the issues and solutions surrounding […]

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A critical church-state separation case in the making

By the Church Executive editorial & leadership team Last year, Church Executive published an interview with David Middlebrook on the Trinity Lutheran Church v. Pauley case, which the Supreme Court had just agreed to review. (“A Supreme Court case to watch: Trinity Lutheran Church vs. Pauley,” March 18, 2016) As Middlebrook explained at the time, […]

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Using data to make better ministry decisions

Our goal with this discussion is to focus on the most relevant data points that can gauge the health of your ministry. Our panelists will also focus on how innovative churches are making their decisions through data — and the ways to enrich an empowered discipleship by leveraging technology. What are some of the most […]

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If you’re considering refinancing, be aware of the environmental status of your property

environmental status

By Dan Mikes Throughout my 27 years of providing financing for religious institutions, I have seen a number of instances in which all the financial and other factors were right, but the loan could not be made because the collateral (the land and buildings) was unacceptable due to environmental contamination.    While this is a […]

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How to renovate (without the regrets)

church renovation

By Rodney James Remodeling church facilities can be a painful process — but it doesn’t have to be that way. If the church takes the right steps (in the right order, with the right partner), a renovation project can flow smoothly, stay on budget, and have a positive effect on the ministries of the church […]

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Transforming lives through community outreach & leadership development

community outreach

While playing football at a state university and completing his bachelor’s degree in advertising / PR, Jesse Eisenhart never dreamed of entering the ministry and following in his parents’ footsteps. However, as he watched them plan a new church, he knew he wanted to be part of something fresh and different. He felt God calling […]

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Church metrics powered by cloud technology

In this discussion, the panelists provide their definition of what a metric is, how to interpret it, and how it relates to ministry. They also provide Salmon Sims Thomas’s top 10 sustaining metrics for churches, as well as the benefits of cloud computing and their Intacct dashboards. Can you define metrics? How do they pertain […]

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