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Justice, relevance and authenticity

By Trevor Eppehimer, Ph.D. “Social relevance” serves as a holy grail for those whose careers depend on the ability to identify current patterns of thinking and spot contemporary cultural trends. Success follows, conventional wisdom holds, the politician, recording artist, filmmaker, or company that can locate, commodify and project “social relevance.” In North America, where persons […]

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C3LA funds key initiatives after growing digital giving by 372% in 3 years C3LA is a young, vibrant multi-site church in the sprawling city of Los Angeles whose vision is to help people know God personally, find freedom from their past through the power of relationship, discover their purpose through servanthood, and ultimately grow into […]

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5 questions to ask at the 2-year mark in your tenure

5 questions to ask

By Sam S. Rainer III  I am in the third year of serving as lead pastor at West Bradenton. Thankfully, my first two years were more joy than angst, defined by encouragement and not disillusion. But even in a healthy church, the third year can bring frustration — for both pastor and congregation. In the […]

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Attitude, attitude, attitude ….

happy employee

By Tim Spivey The most overlooked and underrated trait of people who serve in healthy, growing churches is a positive attitude. This isn’t to be mistaken for blindness to obstacles or a “yes man/woman” posture. I’m talking about one’s primary attitude, and whether it is oriented toward self/others and criticism/encouragement. What weather do they produce […]

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4 agenda items church staff meetings should cover every week

church meeting agenda

By Sam S. Rainer III I’m weird. I like meetings. They are an opportunity to interact with people. Being an extrovert, I enjoy the collaboration of teamwork. Not all meetings are created equal. Church staff meetings can wander into theological briars and get stuck. Discussions about facility requests can circle on a roundabout like Clark […]

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Church Trends and Statistics

Age and generosity A report by Barna in partnership with Thrivent, entitled “The Generosity Gap,” studied how differences in giving may be attributed to being a part of different generational groups. There are differences in what people perceive as an act of generosity. When American Christians were asked what their concept of “giving to others” […]

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The problem with managing cash

The need to manage cash is a good “problem” to have … but what should your church do with it? John Regan, Founding Partner and Chief Investment Officer at New York-based Permanens Capital, talks about playing it safe, while earning some modest return. How big of a priority and a problem is cash management in […]

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3 common “balancing acts” when starting a Christian school

By Darren Thompson & Richard Koon In our previous two articles, we worked closely with Bo Gutzwiller from Foothill Christian School in Glendora, Calif., to discuss some of the things churches should be aware of before starting a Christian school. During our discussions, it became apparent that starting a school can be challenging — but […]

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The decision of a lifetime: 4 reasons you can’t afford to opt out of Social Security

By Don McLeod, CFP® During the first two years of your ministry, you will make the decision of a lifetime — whether or not to opt out of Social Security. This is a hot topic in ministry circles today, and everyone has a personal opinion on the matter. But what does it really mean to […]

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Best employment practices for houses of worship

Frank Sommerville, JD, CPA — in partnership with Church Mutual Insurance Company — discusses harassment, hiring practices, terminating employees, and wage/overtime rules compliance. Do common employment laws extend to every employee? Sommerville: Some of the laws that we’re going to talk about apply even if you have one employee, while other laws that we’re going […]

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