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What winter means for your church

church winter maintenance

With winter on the horizon, you and your church need to be prepared. In addition to the cold, snow and wind, winter conditions can cause substantial damage to buildings. Even prior to winter, the fall can bring about wear and tear due to the changes in temperature and moisture levels. By being proactive about preparing […]

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When to choose a fund accounting solution

fund accounting software churches

Due to the nature of their work, churches are held to a high standard of accountability by internal and external stakeholders. Without a financial solution designed to comply with non-profit accounting standards, it can be challenging to demonstrate transparency and fiscal responsibility to constituents. While commercial accounting software can be configured to meet basic financial […]

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Why fundraising asks are essential to your organization of faith

give church

By Joe Garecht Many faith-based organizations worry about making fundraising asks. They think that because they have a religious mission, making direct asks of donors is somehow unethical or will damage their reputation. Other faith-based non-profits focus solely on making group asks from the pulpit, or through mass-communication mediums like direct mail or e-mail. These organizations avoid […]

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Absen debuts Acclaim LED Series at WFX 2017

Absen targets LCD applications with new Acclaim LED Series, launching at WFX 2017 Orlando, Florida, USA (Oct 5, 2017) — Absen Inc., a global leader in LED display solutions, announced today the U.S. launch of the company’s newest fixed indoor LED series called, Acclaim. Making its official debut at WFX Conference and Expo, the Acclaim Series […]

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5 leadership essentials for every leader

church leadership pastor

By Carey Nieuwhof So you want to lead better. The question, always, is how. There are thousands of small tips and strategies that make us better as leaders, but some insights become the Archimedes Lever of leadership. For me personally, these principles are in that category. If I keep these 5 insights close, I always […]

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Preventive maintenance and capital planning

facility maintenance management church

What’s the cost of not investing now ? By Donovan Loomis   Thom Rainer recently shared a list of the top 10 questions pastors ask him, and No. 2 was, What do I do about our aging facilities? Every church will inevitably have to ask this question. Preventive maintenance (PM) and capital planning will help ensure […]

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5 factors that drove San Diego Church of Christ’s giving to grow by 23.8% in 18 months

With humble beginnings, San Diego Church of Christ (SDCOC) was once a small church in Poway, Calif. Now averaging more than 1,700 in attendance on the weekend, this multigenerational church has four locations throughout San Diego. Lead Administrator Ray Schalk recalls a recent change that has helped SDCOC not only meet its monthly budget for […]

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It was just FIVE WORDS

  I remember sitting in a one-week intensive class, watching a video by photographer Dewitt Jones.  He talked about his travels for National Geographic and how the scenes he captured and the people he met impacted his perspective on the world. Jones talked about an interview with a life-seasoned woman known for her weaving. When […]

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Roadmap to a sound financial future

By Matthew Swain, RS For many years, a congregation in the central valley of California, the breadbasket of America, thrived by serving a cross-section of the American population — from migrant workers to white-collar business professionals and everyone in between. This particular parish was built back in the 1960s, outgrew existing spaces, and added buildings […]

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Moving beyond insurance — hop on board!

By Michael J. Bemi Our series on moving “beyond insurance” has identified and examined all the critical elements and related processes to enable an insured entity to “move beyond” insurance. However, we have not yet discussed and described the options available to your entity to retain risk. These options exist as methods of alternative risk […]

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