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3 tips for church business managers: handling collections

money counting churches

By Tim Grabacki It’s not something church business managers think about a lot, but:  How you count the money might be affecting the church more than you’d think.  Here are three tips on how to better handle cash and checks in your collections.   #1: Treat the business office like a business office The mission […]

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Why worship pastors & lead pastors should meet weekly

By Sam S. Rainer III  Every Monday at 4 p.m., I meet with both my worship pastors. We review the previous Sunday. We discuss the upcoming Sunday. We laugh together. We hold each other accountable. Sometimes I sing their worship set back to them because I have the voice of a senile cat, and it […]

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8 trends for 2018 and how to use them

Interior design ideas to enhance your youth ministry By Rebecca Calbert, AIA, LEED AP, NCARB As we come into the New Year, we feel the need to freshen up our spaces and clean out our closets. The beginning of a new year is synonymous with change, self-improvement, and taking on new challenges. A typical resolution […]

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Why a good start is the key to your best giving year yet

By Tobin Perry As we head into a new year, healthy churches will have big visions for the year ahead. You likely have ministries you want to start, new people you want to reach, and new initiatives to get off the ground. You need a healthy vision. But you need more than a strong vision […]

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A look ahead at 2018 safety trends & risks for churches

looking forward to 2018

By Brian Gleason, MBA, CSRM A lot can happen in a year, that’s for sure. While 2017 proved that things can change in an instant, there are trends and indicators that can prepare us for the most successful year yet. Here, the GuideOne risk management and loss control team forecasts risk management trends for churches […]

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Pastors: stop competing and start hanging out

pastors competing

By Sam S. Rainer III  I enjoy a little friendly competition. Last October, I used my kids as a front to scope out another local church’s Fall Fest. That, and they had a large amount of free candy. My affinity for candy corn sucked me into their festivities. The pastor and I are friends. The […]

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In sync & on target

Q&A: How giving consistency — across multiple campuses — drives better ministry, increased magnanimity & more efficient church management Ensuring that multiple campuses feel unified — and keeping the messaging surrounding giving and generosity challenges consistent — seem like challenges most multisite churches would face. Is that accurate? Matthews: Yes, and these are important and […]

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Step 4: Defend

  In the previous series installment, we talked about Steps 2 & 3: Design & Deploy. What denotes a movement to Step 4 — Defend — in the A/V system design process? Wells: Defend takes a 50,000-foot view, recognizing that many churches in America are growing by deploying a multi-site strategy. They’re using ever more […]

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Church trends and statistics

Changes in perceptions of Christmas as a religious holiday Pew Research Center recently conducted a survey about the perceptions of U.S. adults on religious aspects of Christmas. 56% of adults recognize that religion is now emphasized less, with 25% saying “[It] does not bother me,” 14% saying “[It] bothers me some,” and 18% saying “ […]

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Financial planning: what you can expect during your meeting with a financial planner

By Rev. Dr. Patricia L. Hunter, CFP® Making the decision to meet with a financial planner or advisor can help you focus on putting your own financial house in order and is an important step towards achieving financial wellness. A financial planner can work with you to help determine your long and short term goals […]

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