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In Hollywood’s shadow, one pastor uses power of culture and film

As a teaching pastor of Yorba Linda Friends Church, a megachurch in Southern California, I have lived a great deal of my life in Hollywood’s shadow. But instead of being threatened by the entertainment industry’s powerful impact on culture, I’ve found it to be a tremendous asset.

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New ministry ideas

Excessive focus on numbers can obscure other issues that relate to the future faithful ministry of the church. Do you have a working system to facilitate assimilating people into small groups or areas of service?

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Staying alive: Defusing the emotional time bomb in pastoral work

Ministry is challenging and difficult work that takes it toll on the pastor, his family and often the congregation too. This individual’s story sets the tone for an interview Church Executive sought out on pastoral stress and burnout. Daniel Spaite is a physician and tenured professor at the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Tucson, AZ, and the son of a retired senior pastor. He authored a book, Time Bomb in the Church: Defusing Pastoral Burnout

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Tires can impact church budgets

In this harsh economic climate church leaders who also own and operate buses are forced to squeeze the most out of their vehicles. Church administrators will take measures to ensure that buses last as long as possible and will also find ways to reduce fuel consumption.

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Lessons from the bowling alley

Growing up in the Midwest I thought that bowling was an Olympic sport. I loved to go bowling; after all, what else is there to do in sub-freezing temperatures four months out of the year. While I’ve never bowled a perfect game, I’ve come pretty close on a few occasions.

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Grand vision essentials

Vision does not happen without leaders. Leaders cast vision and vision involves the future. But the process of creating a vision involves more than a single person at the top prognosticating about tomorrow’s events.

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The end is near: How to decide on your church’s fiscal year-end

A while ago I was reviewing the financial statements of a Christian ministry shortly before the end of the year and noticed that the expenditures for the year exceeded income by a significant amount.

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New staff positions to emerge this decade

If your church remains healthy, then the staff structure will probably look much different in 2020 than it does right now. Church leaders will work for long periods of time to implement new visions for their congregations. They will labor for years to simplify the structures of their churches. They will lead their churches to adopt new discipleship processes and streamline programs. Yet one of the most needed changes that are often left untouched is the staff.

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Craig Groeschel on Innovation

Church bodies exposed

There’s the old saw that denominations exist today only because of real estate and pension plans. I heard that said 15 years ago and sure, it’s an overstatement, but it makes a relevant point.

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