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Get smart about expansion: ChMS data can help you make an informed new-campus decision

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Do most church leaders use their ChMS to its maximum advantage when determining where to open a new campus? Matt McMaster: Based on my background, I’d say no — because many don’t know how. I’ve worked with more than 1,000 churches, spending about three or four months with each one on their project. We dig […]

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Strategies for cultivating major gifts

Did you know your church management software — and the data within it — can be a big help? When a church leader considers ways to drive major gifts, church management software / systems (ChMS) probably isn’t their first thought. Why should this tool spring to mind? Scott Romig: Unfortunately, church management systems are still […]

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Do mission trips put your religious organization at risk?

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  Expert advice for protecting your members, staff and volunteers while they’re abroad How common is it for church groups to encounter avoidable risks and safety issues while on mission trips abroad? Betty Norman: If there’s good planning and preparation that goes into each mission trip, avoidable or predictable risks should be limited. It’s recommended […]

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Adopting modern worship styles: what you haven’t considered

By Jeff Barnett It’s nearly the end of 2018. It’s going on two decades since the modern worship band movement began sweeping through the church. In fact, to most Millennials, it’s not “modern” worship; it’s simply worship. As they take the mantle of leadership, more and more congregations are adopting this musical format. Here are […]

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Financial reserves: does my church really need them?

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    By Kari Boyce We talk to church leaders every day. Our team understands your concerns about meeting your ministry’s needs today and tomorrow. I’m going to show you that saving for a “rainy day” is being a good steward — and generous and wise, to boot!

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Partner seminaries offer one-of-a-kind education

By Jenny Williams & Mandy Ford Students at Bethany Theological Seminary and Earlham School of Religion (ESR) get more to their educational experience than meets the eye. As seminaries across the country are downsizing, merging, or closing, these two schools in Richmond, Indiana, intend to keep building on a partnership that began a quarter of […]

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5 best practices for communicating inclement weather closings for faith-based communities

From hurricanes to blizzards and everything in between, inclement weather is a part of nature. So are the challenges of managing the logistical factors involved in protecting your members when harsh weather comes calling. While a well-organized plan can minimize confusion and maximize safety, failure to properly address severe weather conditions can threaten everything from […]

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Securing buy-in: 3 strategies for casting your vision

By Nick Cooper How often have you seen (or been a part of) a church or ministry staff with a tremendous vision, a plan to reach people and a beautiful design — and nothing happens? Many times, this is the result of failing to cast the vision to the congregation.

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Get with the times: 10 “Millennialisms” to engage with your congregation

People born between 1981 and 1996 are quickly becoming the dominant demographic in our society, even surpassing the Baby Boomers by 8 million. Known as Millennials, they make up more than one-third of the work force, and many from the earlier years of this generational window are now having families of their own. As Millennials […]

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5 steps to effectively launch a new church app

The secret is out — people LOVE using church apps, and it’s easy to see why. Apps make connecting with the ministry simple and convenient because smartphones are accessible. People carry them everywhere they go (even if it’s just from the kitchen to the couch). Of current smartphone owners, more than 80 percent prefer using […]

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