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Top 4 church facility management challenges — and how to solve them

By Donovan Loomis If you’re responsible for the care of your church’s facilities, chances are you face many of the same challenges as others in your field. In fact, I recently surveyed leaders across the country from 200-member congregations to megachurches with 8+ campuses, all in different geographic areas with varying economic makeup. One of […]

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How healthy is your church?

religion health

By Jason Terrell In our daily lives, we are used to paying attention to our health. Estimates place the revenue for the “fitness, mind+body” industry in the billions of dollars annually.  We have wearable devices, apps for our phones and countless websites that help us track our fitness level, blood pressure, heart rate, sleep cycle […]

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Is your church ready for summer weather?

summer storm

By Brian Gleason In every season of the year, there is typically at least one natural disaster that could pose threat to your organization. As the temperatures begin the rise and we prepare for the summer months ahead, now is the time to begin thinking about severe weather, including thunderstorms, tornadoes and the damage they […]

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What is a “great deal” on a piece of land?

church construction land

By Rodney James How much does a piece of land really cost? So, you’re ready to relocate your church or start a new campus. Where do you begin? Everyone knows that location, location, location is the most important thing when purchasing real estate. But, for a church wanting to build new facilities on that land, […]

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Creating a better experience for worshipers starts in the business office

church money counting equipment

By Tim Grabacki  Churches are businesses. Certainly, they are a special kind of business, with a special mission — but, the business office needs to operate like any qualified department, whether for-profit or not-for-profit. In order to streamline, you need the right tools to function well and thrive. Functioning well lets your church achieve more of its […]

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[Webinar] Leveraging the Cloud for Quick & Easy Financial Reporting for Faith-Based Organizations

Date: Wednesday, May 23 Time: 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET Cost: FREE As a faith-based finance organization, you need to provide up-to-the-minute, accurate information to a variety of stakeholders — pastors, ministers, program managers, and board members. But instead, you’re stuck with manual, Excel-based reporting, resulting in delays and inaccurate data. Learn why […]

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Choosing the best mic to deliver your message

  After spending hours (or even days) prepping your sermon, you want your message to be clearly understood and deliver its full impact. The congregation’s ability to understand what’s being said — intelligibility — is the primary goal of most church sound systems. By Jeff Barnett Managing speech intelligibility Poor speech intelligibility can have major […]

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Advancements in MDiv & DMin Training: a remote roundtable discussion

online seminary study

How seminaries and universities are making graduate studies more accessible for busy full-time church leaders In general, have full-time church leaders shown increased interest in MDiv and DMin training in recent years? Christopher Reeves: Yes — church leaders today face more challenging responsibilities in leading their churches. Also, research shows that employers and students now […]

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Congratulations! You’ve been asked to serve on your church’s board

But before you commit, review 3 important items — or face a load of liabilities By Rebecca M. DaVee, CPA It’s always great to be approached to serve on your church’s board … or is it? Whether yours is a 70-, 700- or 7,000-member church, there should be a transition system in place to onboard […]

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Keeping kids safe and secure: a remote roundtable discussion

Church Executive spoke with experts in the fields of risk management and background checks about best practices associated with the care of children within the church — and how to equip your staff members with the knowledge they need to enact them. What are the biggest risks and liabilities facing churches in the area of […]

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