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SHANE WARREN & THE ASSEMBLY: A (construction) course correction

Changeup! How a 96-year-old church made a tough call in the “bottom of the ninth” of their $15-million building project — and emerged beautifully By RaeAnn Slaybaugh Fourteen years ago, Lead Pastor Shane Warren arrived at The Assembly, a 96-year-old church in West Monroe, La. Like many long-established congregations, the church was facing a season […]

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Solid financial practices pay dividends for churches

church accounting

By Jason Terrell In today’s world of rapidly changing expectations, all areas of ministry come under scrutiny — and none more so than the church’s finances.  So, how can a ministry do what it takes to keep itself financially sound?   To start, make sure your church management software integrates with a strong financial software designed […]

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Communicating about stewardship

talking about money

By Hillary Bowling When many people hear the term “stewardship,” there’s often a tendency to think “money” — and even more specifically, Oh boy … they’re going to talk about money again today.  But you know that stewardship can involve myriad possibilities for making an “invitation to give”… yes, of treasure, but also — and […]

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5 tips for choosing the right bus for your church

church bus Davey Coach

By Josh Davey Churches rely on buses to transport their members to and from church, kids to youth events, and travel for outreach or mission trips. When the need arises to purchase transportation (to start or add to the fleet), it’s important to know what to look for when you begin making your selection. Here […]

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CHILDREN’S SPACES: Spring time = play time!

By Rebecca Calbert, AIA, LEED AP, NCARB I have something to confess: My first church memories were not of bible stories, or of the nice minister who would bend down to shake my hand after services. My earliest childhood memory of church was playing the game, Red Rover.  Do you remember it? Red rover, red […]

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Expert Q&A: Christian school design — solid strategies

christian school design

Designing a school is a specialized endeavor. Designing a Christian school? Even more so. So, if starting a school is on your church’s horizon, you’ll appreciate the advice of these two knowledgeable architecture experts.   Is your firm often enlisted to design Christian schools? Scott Nelson: Parkhill, Smith & Cooper (PSC) serves as a ministry […]

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Church Trends and Statistics

Bible study participants Barna, in partnership with Bible Study Fellowship, surveyed Christians in America who participate in Bible studies, to learn more about how, why and when they study. Participating in a “Bible Study” is defined as using prepared Bible study materials both individually and in a group. Fifty-eight percent of Christians choose to participate […]

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Measure what matters to invest in what matters

Bridging the gap between the business office and the pastoral office By Brad Leeper As a church leader with a Kingdom-first perspective, you likely have two goals that are the primary threads woven through the fabric of all you do within your church. First, you seek to develop your people’s individual relationships with Christ. Second, […]

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Selecting the right bus for your church

As a church leader, investing in a church bus probably isn’t something you do every day. Moreover, bus maintenance and operation procedures might not be the most familiar territory, either. That is why we enlisted a group of leading church transportation experts — from insurers, to dealers, to bus manufacturers — to help you select […]

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Engaging and discipling your church’s financial leaders

Joel Mikell, Partner at Horizons Stewardship, and Doug Turner, President of Culture of Ready, answer your important follow-up questions to their Webinar, “Engaging and Discipling Your Church’s Financial Leaders,” now available at What message would you suggest for helping Financial Leaders to know the life changes that their giving is empowering? Joel Mikell: There’s […]

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