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Are you flexible?


Today’s working environment is ever changing.


Reach the hardcore unchurched


Perhaps you’ve encountered a response to the Gospel similar to


Grace-Full Leadership


Church Executive, August 2011, Volume 10, Issue 8


This issue includes an interview with David Horner, senior pastor, Providence Baptist Church, Raleigh, NC. Also provided is a feature highlighting six trends in church staffing.


The real thing


‘So of all the questions raised in the book,


Meet David Horner


David Horner’s heart for missions goes back to his teen years when he was


There’s both ‘light and shadow’ with leaders and churches


Shawchuck is an author of more than 20 books, pastor, and professor, and Heuser is professor of leadership studies at Vanguard University, Costa, CA.


What is success when it comes to the church? Maybe not what you think


David Platt admits that his own congregation is “wrestling” with the way they look at what the Gospel demands of them. “We certainly have a long way to go, but this is a journey worth taking for the sake of God’s people accomplishing God’s purpose for God’s glory,” Platt, senior pastor of The Church at Brook Hills, Birmingham, AL, says. He shares his hopes and misgivings for ministry in Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream (Multnomah Books/Random House, 2010). Church Executive asked him a few questions and he responded with some provocative answers:


Security in the ‘House of God’ should never be compromised


Imagine the shock of opening your newspaper and seeing the headline, “Youth Minister Jailed,” and discovering this was a staff member at your church. Just the thought of a child predator in a congregation is a fearful concern of pastors. In recent months our community had several youth ministers and pastors face charges of sexual impropriety: men and women, married with children, mentors and counselors, respected and loved, friends and leaders. The churches were large and small, structured and unstructured, denominational and non-denominational, pastor or elder led. They were accused of raping pre-teen girls, soliciting sex with a young male through the Internet, and molesting adolescents during counseling sessions. The impact on the child, the family, the church and community is devastating. A child is harmed. Trust is broken. Spiritual lives are impacted. Members leave. Security in the ‘house of God’ is forever changed. Financial losses from lawsuits can run into millions for the church, staff, ministry leader or volunteer. Insurance will not cover the cost if there was a negligent selection of the worker.


Vision and purpose?


At the Glade Church in Mount Juliet, TN, our