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Congregations will do well to plan ahead for disasters


Already this year disasters have come in many forms: heat, fire, flood, wind, tornado, hurricane, earthquake — you name it, this country has had it. But two observers of disasters hitting the U.S. believe we aren’t having more than the usual. “Thanks to technology and engineering, we have more people living in more vulnerable places. Our infrastructure is aging and more vulnerable,” they say.


Five tips for purchasing tables and chairs

For some churches, folding tables and chairs are as much of a regular feature as the choir.


Trust and verify


Church members are wise to check out “a too good to be true”


Speaking truth


Robert Jeffress uses the public media to address


Financial accountability begins in the church office

A strong organizational framework is created through transparency and detailed management structure.


Downsizing comes to the church

The Chapel of Akron deals with cutting 15 percent of its staffing budget.


Pastors’ wives under pressure in husbands’ ministries


The affair started across the room in a Sunday school class when the pastor’s wife received a text from a handsome member of the congregation. The text was a simple, “What a pretty dress, you look beautiful today.” This compliment brought something alive in her she hadn’t experienced in a long time. She began trying to remember the last time her husband – pastor of a large church – had given her a compliment. Thus began a six-month affair before its discovery. It is one of dozens of stories that therapist Trudy Johnson can tell about the pressures of serving the church, not as the pastor, where the strains and stresses might be expected, but of the wife of the pastor.


Can the church learn to love the media?


Try asking 80 church executives if the “secular” media are friends or foes. Every time I take this poll at a church leadership conference or seminary, one or two hands timidly go up for “friends.” The rest go sky high for “foes.” What’s your vote? Over the course of his prolific career, Cal Thomas has been one of America’s most popular media commentators on television, radio and in print. While the mainstream media often is biased, Thomas believes the bias “isn’t always deliberate.” Often, a reporter’s bias is borne out of a bad church experience or personal tragedy that produced deep feelings of disappointment with God.


Meet Randy Frazee


Randy Frazee is, in the kindest use of the word, obsessed


Too few churches have security and emergency plans

It was a warm Saturday afternoon, and we were heading to a beautiful outdoor wedding to celebrate the joy of two people joining their lives together.