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Use discretion when there‘s cause for termination

There are few situations more difficult for a church executive or administrator than having to dismiss an employee. The multi-step process recommended in many publications is time-consuming and may not be the best fit for your particular circumstances.


Mark Bankord, Directional Leader, Heartland Community Church, Rockford, IL


By Ronald E. Keener It was a typical Sunday morning for stockbroker Mark Bankord. He had played a round of golf with his buddy and now they were sitting in their cars — he in his Porsche and his friend in a Mercedes — at an intersection in front of a church in Rockford, IL […]


Christ the King Catholic Church in Southaven, MS


A Mississippi Catholic church is designed to complement the liturgical needs of worship.


A restored connection to the environment is child’s play

Many of us first began to grasp the idea of a world much larger than ourselves as youngsters.