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Generosity Evangelist: ‘Live open-handed in a tight-fisted world’

“Growing up, I was very materialistic; I was a taker, not a giver,” says Brian Kluth, author of the stewardship devotional 40 Day Spiritual Journey to a More Generous Life.


Fast growth and few controls invite employee embezzlement

The headline shrieked across the second section of The Arizona Republic last September 1: “Accountant Held in Church Theft.”


Create a childhood ministry that genuinely impacts faith

During the past 20 years, childhood ministry has received unprecedented attention from churches desiring to reach families with young children. Many churches have been adding staff to design and manage these ministries.


Southeast Christian Church and School in Parker, CO

The design of a Colorado church’s worship center is both permanent and transparent.


A state-owned facility is transformed into a house of worship


In August 2006 God tapped a group of Christians on the shoulder and said in essence, “I’ve got a job for you.” God then proceeded to give nearly 45 acres and 150,000-square-feet of buildings to our church for two million dollars.