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What would you like to do?


The reality is that some people just need to be trained


The missing element


In order for a church to fulfill its true purpose, it must be making a noticeable


Church merger survey


According to Leadership Network research, 2 percent of U.S. Protestant


Free eBook on multisite churches from Jim Tomberlin

logoJim tomberlin

There are more than 3,000 multisite churches across North America. Everyone has a unique church-print. There is no “one size fits all” formula they all follow, but all will wrestle with the same basic issues. This eBook is a compilation of my 15 years of experience as a multisite pioneer and consultant. It addresses those common issues with hard-earned insights from being in the trenches with those who are doing it. It is for church leaders who are considering multisite and refresher for those who are already in the game.


When churches merge


The merger of churches is gaining popularity for


Video delivers message


At North Point Ministries we have built a video broadcast system that


Does your church have a farm team?


On several occasions I’ve had the privilege of being part of a great team whether it was sports or at work. As much as I desired to have those times go on forever, the reality is that just doesn’t happen.

I see the same each year in baseball. When they need to pull someone up to the majors, they call on the farm team. The whole purpose of the farm team is to provide training and experience for players. At any given time any successful player could possibly move up. This isn’t only for sports, as some business schools are referred to as farm clubs for the business world.


Prepare for the impossible


To prepare for the impossible may seem like an unlikely assignment.


Church Executive, March 2011, Volume 10, Issue 3

Among the highlights of this issue is an interview with Rick Lemons, senior pastor of Fellowship Bible Church of Forney, TX who used NASCAR as the basis for a sermon series. Also included are two stories that highlight the unfortunate problems of embezzlement and fraud that are still taking place at churches.


Churches need to focus on true safety when transporting members


Every church has someone or a group in charge of safety.