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Can you see it?


When you venture into some place you’ve never


The leadership honeymoon


A new season of ministry brings no shortage of emotions


Personal preferences


Personal preferences is a topic that gets much water cooler


Church Executive, July 2011, Volume 10, Issue 7


The July issue features and interview with Denise Craig, Chief Financial Officer of Abba’s House, Hixson, TX. Also included in this issue is a special section on faith-based travel which spotlights a megachurch pastors’ trip to Israel, a story about ‘volunteer vacations,’ and a feature on the Creation Museum.


Meet Denise Craig


When the family of Denise Craig sat down at the supper


Should churches and ministries care about trademarks?

“A good name is more desirable than great riches,” says Proverbs 22:1 but it takes an effort to keep it that way.


Accidents happen but precautions will keep playgrounds safer


Playgrounds are a great asset to any religious organization.


Incorporate guests for growth


For all healthy, growing churches, the process of proactively connecting with first-time visitors is absolutely essential.


Three ways Millennials impact our culture and the church


They are America’s largest generation, slightly edging out the Boomers. They stand to become America’s most educated generation. Almost all of them want to make a difference in this world. And none of them like to be stereotyped. They are the Millennials, born from 1980 to 2000. It’s difficult to generalize a generation that doesn’t like labels. Indeed, many make a point to fight against categorizations. Rather than oversimplifying a diverse generation into homogeneous units, my aim is to show how this diverse amalgamation of young people is shaping the culture.


Beware of mission myopia from your pastor — and yourself


Your ministry has a distinct organizational personality; in fact, every ministry does. However, many church executives remain largely unaware of organizational personality, and how it helps or hinders ministry efforts. Within any church, a unique mix of people rise to positions of influence. These influencers define your organization’s personality. To identify organizational personality, we need to know: 1) The personality of each influencer within the organization; 2) Assuming a four quadrant assessment tool is used (Myers-Briggs, DiSC, or AssessME.org’s ePersonality), the quadrant categories shared by key influencers. The four assessment quadrants include: