Aplos Software and Church Community Builder Announce API Partner Integration

Aplos, Fresno, CA, announced a partnership with cloud-based church management software company, Church Community Builder. Through this partnership, Aplos and Church Community Builder will integrate their systems, bringing together true fund accounting and church management software.

This API integration enables Church Community Builder with the capability to securely share real-time data with Aplos. All contributions collected in Church Community Builder will automatically be recorded within Aplos Accounting. This allows for accurate bookkeeping, less duplicate data entry, and accuracy of reports to reflect real-time giving.

“Our new partnership and integration with Aplos Software is not only groundbreaking but will also greatly decrease the amount of administrative time that administrators currently have with double-entry processes,” says Brian Ferris, Ecosystem Product Manager, Church Community Builder. “Through personal interaction with the Aplos Software team, their desire to see the growth of sustainable and thriving ministry with the use of good processes and their incredible tools became quickly evident. There is an undeniable heartbeat alignment that exists between our companies.”

Both companies serve small-to-large-sized churches with cloud-based software. Aplos, a leading provider of online fund accounting software, served over 14,000 organizations last year. The new software will help with unique accounting needs specific to churches, including tracking designated funds, departmental accounting, multi-site tracking, and generating granular reports.

“Providing the right tools to those who are responsible for maintaining the health and performance of their church is crucial to their growth and success,” says Tim Goetz, CEO of Aplos. “We are thrilled to put that intelligence at their fingertips with this partnership so they can continue to demonstrate good stewardship to their board and supporters.”

For more information on how to set up the integration with Church Community Builder in Aplos, please visit: Church Community Builder Integration Setup.



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