Bible apps available in closed countries

COPENHAGEN, Denmark/Christian Newswire/ – Scandinavia Publishing House, a Christian publishing house, has now made 85 children’s Bibles available as apps that can be downloaded and read on the iPhone and iPad. Android and Kindle formats are on their way. They are being sold worldwide, even in closed Muslim and communist countries where the written Bible and other Christian symbols are not permitted.

“We are able to monitor global sales of our apps daily,” says Jørgen Vium Olesen, Publisher of Scandinavia Publishing. “In just one day, 300 Bibles and biblical books were downloaded in approximately 60 countries. There were 94 books in the USA, 25 in China, 23 in Saudi Arabia, 19 in the United Arab Emirates, 9 in Malaysia, 7 in Russia, and 4 in Egypt. Some days, up to 52 are downloaded in Saudi Arabia alone.”

Legal in China

“We continue to see a high number of downloads in China. In Beijing in 2010 we were informed there are no restrictions on digital Bibles and children’s Bibles in China,” explains Jørgen. “If this freedom remains, it will provide a great opportunity to legally get Bibles into China using digital means.”

Scandinavia’s vision

Scandinavia was founded upon the vision BRINGING GOOD NEWS TO KIDS AND FAMILIES. Our passion is to get the Gospel out to people all over the world and selling apps worldwide is allowing us to do that in an entirely new way.

Be Aware

When searching for Children’s Bibles at app store buyers need to be aware that there are several other books with similar titles (Child’s Bible, The Children Bible etc.). It is important to look for the logo depicting Jesus lifting a little child.

Once the app is downloaded the user can start looking over all the books available. Each series has at least one book that can be downloaded free. Prices for the digital books are somewhat cheaper than printed books since there are no postage and delivery fees. After downloading and using the app, users are invited to rate the books to provide feedback and indicate their level of satisfaction with their purchase.

So far Scandinavia has only released digital books in English but hopes to soon release them as e-books in several other languages. Digital versions of their books all have a built-in function which makes it possible to record them in the user’s own language. For instance, a grandmother may tell a story from the Bible to her grandchildren and then use that recording many times. It is also possible to enlarge the text, see details of the pictures, and in some cases, see a small animation of the books.

The Bible books released on the internet include the following series:

  • Famous People of the Bible — 24 books and a free preview of the Noah book.
  • Comic Book Bible — for teenagers. It uses guided view.
  • Adventure Story Bible — 30 books suitable for children 6-12 years old.
  • The Children’s Bible — sold more than 6 million copies in 92 languages in 120 countries. As an app, it can be bought as a complete book or divided into Old and New Testament stories.
  • The Little Children’s Bible Books — 24 books for children 3-7 years old.
  • The Handy Bible series — 5 different books for younger children.

For many years Scandinavia Publishing House has published children’s Bibles for various groups. Now these children’s Bibles have been converted to e-books with amazing extra features and interactive functions. These Bible apps can be instantly downloaded today!


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