Christian Community Credit Union president/CEO celebrates 40 years of service

Christian Community Credit Union President/CEO John Walling celebrates forty years of faithful service. He was honored at the Credit Union’s 55th Annual Meeting.

“Few CEOs today have the creativity, the passion, and the energy to reach the 20-year mark in a single organization. Yet John Walling has continued to reinvent himself as President and CEO over a remarkable 40-year career at Christian Community Credit Union,” says John Pearson, Christian Community Credit Union Board of Directors Chairman. “The members of our Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee are privileged to serve alongside such a capable leader. We salute and congratulate John for his extraordinary leadership!”

Under Walling’s inspirational and visionary leadership, the Credit Union experienced tremendous growth. Walling began his career at what was then American Baptist Credit Union where assets had just surpassed $7 million with over 5,700 members. There was one branch and members used passbooks to record their transactions. Today, Christian Community Credit Union has grown to over $532 million in assets. With two branches, the staff serves over 29,500 churches, ministries and their members in over 100 countries. Members now have anytime, anywhere access to their accounts through: 1) 24/7 Online and Mobile Banking, 2) more than 28,000 Free ATMs nationwide through the CO-OP Network and, 3) over 4,600 shared branches in partnership with CU Service Centers®.

Walling started out as the Credit Union’s Assistant Manager in June 1972. Six years later, he became the General Manager upon the retirement of the current Manager. In 1984, the Board of Directors appointed him as President/CEO. Walling currently serves as a board member of Payment Systems for Credit Unions, Inc. and is also the Treasurer of Christian Community Credit Union’s Board of Directors.

“My 40 years have been an incredibly blessed experience in working with our outstanding staff and supportive and encouraging Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee. The Credit Union’s continued success is a collective effort of many people. I give thanks to God for placing me in this position and for the elected officials, management team, and staff as we continue to serve the members of Christian Community Credit Union,” says John Walling.

Christian Community Credit Union has served the financial needs of the Christian community for over 55 years. For more information, please call 800.347.CCCU (2228) or visit


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