‘Churches Are Too Boring,’ This is Why People Are Not Attending Regularly

Tennessee Pastor Says ‘Churches Are Too Boring,’ This is Why People Are Not Attending Regularly

MEMPHIS,  Christian Newswire1414700926 When DJ Roker arrived in Memphis, Tennessee, starting a life-giving church was the farthest thing from his mind. The media and marketing consultant, turned life-coach and spiritual teacher, said he became disillusioned and discouraged by what he was seeing among some of the ministries he had supported. “It seemed as if they were more concerned about their budgets and building projects, than the people they were called to reach and serve.” Because of this dissatisfaction and a desire to do more, he began supporting several foreign missions, and eventually started his own in 2008, called DJ Roker World Evangelism; a disaster relief and philanthropic mission effort. Through a series of epiphanies, he sensed God was calling him to do something different within his generation. After a time of resistance and personal reservations, he finally surrendered to the call and began the long journey to what has now become Redemptive Life Church – Memphis, Tennessee.

When asked what sets Redemptive Life Church apart from the other churches in his area, he quoted a recent poll taken nationwide by former members and regular attendees of churches. “Here are the top 7 reasons people ‘say’ they no longer attend church:

1.) Church services are too long.

2.) All the preacher wants is my money.

3.) There is nothing there for my children.

4.) The messages are not relevant or engaging.

5.) Preachers are too judgmental or condemning.

6.) Church members seem mean or unpleasant.

7.) No one has ever invited me to attend.
At Redemptive Life Church, our services are intentionally 1 hour and a half or less. We are focused on doing two things really well: “loving God and loving people,” says Pastor Roker. Everything we do is centered around our purpose; which is “to reach our generation with the gospel of Jesus Christ.” Redemptive Life Church launches on November 2nd, 10 am at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites – Wolfchase, 2751 New Brunswick Rd, Memphis, TN 38133. There will be special services for preschoolers through 5th grade. Volunteer Staff are still needed for key areas including: Greeters, Worship Team, Youth, Parking, TV Production, Sound System, Prayer, Small Groups and Administration.

DJ Roker is lead pastor of Redemptive Life Church in Memphis, TN. He is a husband, father, author, activist and spiritual teacher. He lives with his wife (Erica) and daughters near Memphis.

Contact: DJ Roker, Lead Pastor, Redemptive Life Church, Inc., 901-877-5353, office@redemptivelifechurch.com


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