5 steps to effectively launch a new church app

The secret is out — people LOVE using church apps, and it’s easy to see why.

Apps make connecting with the ministry simple and convenient because smartphones are accessible. People carry them everywhere they go (even if it’s just from the kitchen to the couch).

Of current smartphone owners, more than 80 percent prefer using mobile apps versus mobile websites because they’re more intuitive on small screens. While your congregation would rather use apps, if they aren’t aware your church has one or the features aren’t inspiring, it won’t be very successful.

The solution is launching your church app with purpose and a plan. In order to help, we’ve laid out 5 actionable steps to launch a new church app effectively for next-level engagement.

Step 1: Compare the different apps on the market

You can’t launch a church app until you choose one. Don’t settle on features or price or get pushed into a contract. Here’s a list of favorite features to compare for users and admin:

  • Integration with popular platforms
  • An affordable monthly cost
  • Customizable with church logos and colors
  • Share sermons, videos and other media
  • Manage event registrations and payments
  • Offer one-time and recurring giving options
  • Send and receive prayer requests

Step 2: Start creating a buzz

It’s essential that you create a buzz about the app before the official launch date. By raising awareness and excitement, more people will join the new way to connect with the church. Here are a few platforms to use when getting the word out:

  • Social media
  • Website landing pages and blog posts
  • Service announcements and bulletins
  • Emails and newsletters

Step 3: Prepare for the launch

How you prepare for the launch has a lot to do with the success of your new church app. Here’s a solid list of tasks that you can adjust based on the needs and goals of your ministry:

  • Choose a launch date
  • Plan a communication calendar to promote the church app
  • Customize the app by adding logos and colors
  • Add sermon series and other media
  • Familiarize your staff with the control panel and management features
  • Get staff and volunteers to test the app during a soft launch
  • Organize the launch day celebration

Step 4: Celebrate a better way to connect with the church

It’s time to launch your church app (officially) and celebrate! Now, people can access your church beyond the walls any time, any day of the week. When people are better connected to the church, they’re more likely to volunteer, donate, and attend.

Throughout the day, share all the wonderful features the church app has to offer. Don’t just tell them — show them through interactive slides and live demonstrations. Have clear steps listed to download and use the app in welcome packets and bulletins. Make sure volunteers and staff are ready for questions and to provide one-on-one help.

Step 5: Continue to update your app with new content

Moving forward, continue to make updates and add fresh content to the app. If you don’t keep it fresh, the app will get stale, and people won’t be as inspired to use it. Remember, an app is designed to provide your congregation with an experience that keeps them engaged and focused on spiritual growth. Quick access to the latest sermon series, a calendar of upcoming events, prayer requests, and more help further connect them with your church.

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