It’s just a quick remodel

church-remodelAfter reviewing our current lobby and how things flow (or don’t flow), we found we had space that wasn’t being used to its full potential. After several brainstorming sessions, we had a plan. Well, kind of a plan — more like a lot of cool ideas.

So, let’s get the ball rolling; let’s do this thing. Suddenly, all of these questions started to pop up. Who should be on the remodel team? Who is going to design the new lobby? What role will each person play?

We invited the following individuals to be on the team: Finance, Facilities, Outreach, Inreach, Creative Arts, Tech Media, Communications, several more and input from our Lead Pastor. Did I mention that we also invited wisdom, discernment and patience? They showed up late sometimes.

As the eternal optimist, I thought this would be a quick and simple project. We had some plans drawn up from our structural engineer, reviewed them with our contractor, got an estimate, presented to our elders, and “Voila!” We got the go-ahead.

This is how it actually went: Submit plans to the city, wait. Resubmit new plans to the city. Wait. Resubmit revisions to the city, and finally, a permit. Now, let’s add in Easter, vacations, sabbaticals, summer camps and more monies needed to meet the requested upgrades from the city — oh, and a major conference happening in about a month. “What was that, Mr. Contractor? We have to postpone for a week because you’re going on vacation?”

I’m still an optimist; it’s in my blood. I just forgot that everyone else is not like me. I’m frothing at the bit. Let’s start knocking things down and get started.

Teams meet and try to come together on the artistic design and how the space will be used. Got it … no, wait a minute … nope, we got it. Finally, walls are coming down, paint is happening, flooring redone. Most of us are now on the same page, liking the transformation day by day.

I must confess: I decided to take a vacation the last week of the project and show up the day before the big conference. Furniture needs to be picked up and put in place the night before, and everything has been cleaned and setup.

With some help from above, an abundance of grace, and a group of dedicated people willing to do whatever, we completed on time. Note to self: It’s never a quick remodel, because it’s not just in your hands.

Mike-Klockenbrink-bloggerMike Klockenbrink is chief of staff at Lakeside Church in Folsom, CA. Mike worked for W.W. Grainger Industrial Supply for 16 years in many different capacities. In January 2000, Mike quit climbing the corporate ladder and started climbing the Kingdom ladder. Klockenbrink can be reached at



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