Ministry Brands Introduces MinistryID™ — A Single Sign-On Solution for Faith-Based Organization Management Systems

Ministry Brands, the leading provider of church software solutions, today introduced MinistryID, a single sign-on solution that connects Ministry Brands’ comprehensive suite of applications using just one login credential. The new SSO solution demonstrates Ministry Brands’ commitment to innovation and its connected approach to empowering and equipping today’s 21st-century church.

“We developed MinistryID to be the core foundation for ease of product usability and improved customer experience,” said Brian Seagraves, CIO, Ministry Brands. “We want customers to have the best experience possible when using our products and now, with our single sign-on, there’s no need for them to remember multiple passwords and usernames. MinistryID creates a more cohesive and secure platform that remains consistent across the multiple systems used every day by our customers.”

MinistryID Key Benefits:

  • Cohesive: Use the same login and password across Ministry Brands’ online giving platforms, church management software and other systems.
  • Efficient: Seamlessly move through the different applications used to manage your ministry.
  • Secure: Multi-factor authentication for customers handling sensitive information on higher security platforms.

Not only will the secure, integrated software framework accommodate customers’ individual needs and preferences, but will also help streamline administrative processes.

“Online security is our top priority and MinistryID signifies our continued dedication to achieving the highest security standards in the industry,” said Chris Ritchie, CTO, Ministry Brands. “Once customers follow the simple, one-time setup linking MinistryID to their current account, they can easily bounce between different applications throughout the day without worrying about or compromising the secure nature of our platforms.”

Additionally, MinistryID will be available to our customers’ ministry communities. Now, members and participants can use the feature for a variety of purposes such as child check-in, registering for events or making donations. By syncing software sign-in credentials, Ministry Brands provides connectivity for ministries that saves time, boosts productivity and strengthens security.



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