New survey app gives pastors quick feedback about people’s worship experience

MEMPHIS, TN/Christian NewswireSurvey My Church is the first smartphone app with a companion website that gives churchgoers the power to provide their ministers with feedback about their churchgoing experience. The feedback process is now shortened from months to minutes. Armed with this data, ministers can now retain more members and grow their church by responding instantly to the feedback they have received and combat the decline in their church membership.

Gerald Kiner, CEO of Let This Mind Be in You Technologies, is the senior pastor of Jesus People Church in Memphis, TN. He developed the Survey My Church app after he was given a paper survey by John J. Vincent, a church consultant, investor and philanthropist. The paper survey was intended to be a tool to determine members’ attitudes toward Kiner’s church.

Kiner quickly became frustrated by the amount of time it took for his members to complete the survey. Then, once he collected the surveys, it took him even more time to transfer the responses to a database so that he could analyze the data. While in prayer, Kiner said God inspired him to create a smartphone app to transform the entire survey process into a convenient experience for both himself and his members.

Survey My Church allows churchgoers to quickly and anonymously use the smartphone app to rate the service they have just attended. Pastors can then log onto to review a chart that displays the survey results of how every respondent felt about the service. The process only takes minutes. Churchgoers without smartphones can also visit to complete the survey.

The app is available in the Apple App Store for iPhones and Google Play for Android devices.


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