Pushpay and Church Community Builder Launch Integrated Solutions to Help Drive Deeper Engagement in the Church 

Pushpay and Church Community Builder — who build church management systems, mobile apps and giving solutions to help churches know, grow and keep their people — today announced their first combined product launch. Together, they are delivering new integrated tools for admins and strengthening engagement paths for the Church. 

At a time when churches are rapidly adopting a digital-first strategy, technology is playing a pivotal role in helping churches meet and connect with their congregations any day of the week. In fact, a recent study from Barna Group indicates that 48% of pastors said the most growth their church has seen in this unprecedented time was in innovation around technology. Amidst this shift, many are seeking a way to have visibility into those that need help — or equally, who might have stopped engaging with the church. Investing in technology that provides a holistic view of the health of your congregation, and individual members, is critical.

“I’m really excited to see what the future holds for our church as Pushpay and Church Community Builder become more closely integrated,” said Jon Rich, business and administrative pastor at The Grove Church in Marysville, Washington. “We’re already saving a lot of time by using the ChMS and digital giving solutions, and know there’s so much untapped potential for innovation in the coming years. We’re excited to be on the forefront of that.”

On the heels of the Pushpay and Church Community Builder merger in December 2019, today’s launch is reinforcement of a combined commitment to innovation and investment to bring their respective solutions closer together in order to solve some of today’s most pressing ministry problems. New Pushpay and Church Community Builder integrated product features and enhancements include:

  • Donor Development Integration: Expanding on Pushpay’s recent Donor Development tools, an enhanced integration now provides churches the ability to send a list of donors or community members to a Process Queue within their Church Community Builder software. This enables the Church to deepen engagement with community members, and provides a step-by-step path, using existing processes or our newly created templates, that ultimately helps move people forward on their faith journey.
  • Integrated Sign-in for Admins: A streamlined login experience enables financial admins to seamlessly transition between the Pushpay giving platform and Church Community Builder’s ChMS solution.
  • Deep Links Between ChMS and Giving: Strategically placed deep links within both the Church Community Builder ChMS and Pushpay giving platform will enable church partners to easily transition between tools and quickly navigate to where they need to go — saving church admins time.
  • Pre-Match Profiles Between Giving and ChMS: Using the Pushpay Transaction Import tool, churches can preload their entire Church Community Builder giving history. As new giving is made via Pushpay, those gifts will automatically be synced to the correct person in the ChMS using a seamless integration. As a result, churches will have richer and more accurate insights in Pushpay’s Donor Development tool, which also leads to a more holistic giving statement for donors.

“From the product perspective, this is really just the beginning of what’s to come for our customers as we build towards delivering an end-to-end church management solution,” said Aaron Senneff, chief technology officer at Pushpay and Church Community Builder. “Our goal is to fuel engagement paths that provide deeper connections between a church and its congregation, and to build technology to support ministry, which we know is really about reaching and connecting people.”

In addition to new features and enhancements, today they announced integrated customer support for joint Pushpay and Church Community Builder customers, creating one point of contact for questions and support. For additional information about today’s features and announcement, visit pushpay.com.


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