Pushpay announces spring product launch, enables churches to nurture their community and increase participation

More than 1,100 people gather at Pushpay Summit as the Company unveils Pushpay University and announces the largest product release in its history

Pushpay Holdings Limited, a leading payments and engagement provider to the U.S. faith sector, announced updates to its product portfolio today that enable customers to deliver personalized communication and empowers churches to nurture, engage, and reciprocate generosity more seamlessly.

“The church app is one of the main technology tools we leverage to connect with and nurture our community, especially outside of Sunday worship,” Marcus Briggs, executive pastor at Riverpark Church, said. “We love the related content feature; it surfaces meaningful content and helps our app users dig deeper into our church community.”

Enhancements to the Pushpay platform include:

  • Improved app experience: Several new features will help churches drive adoption and increase app engagement, while enhancing the user experience. Including:
    • Content cards: Dynamic content is now included on thank you receipts, prompting users to download or engage with the church app. This feature helps drive app adoption and provides churches an opportunity to highlight ministry efforts more seamlessly.
    • Related content: After engaging within the app, users can easily discover similar content. This provides a more personal experience and ultimately increases time spent within the app.
    • Notifications: An app badge will automatically be visible for iOS users when there are new updates and unread announcements within the church app. In addition, churches can deliver more personalized communication through rich push notifications, which now include titles, subtitles, and images.
  • Ability to nurture donors: Organizations can now deliver customized interactions with unique and meaningful communication to donors. Within the dynamic home screen, impact cards enable churches to surface the results of important ministry efforts with images, rich text and key statistics. Thank you by fund also allows churches to deliver personal notes of direct appreciation to donors, both when they donate and via email. In addition, donor campaign progress allows donors to individually track their contributions to campaign pledges.
  • Centralized giving through Pushpay: Churches now have the ability to process non-cash donations, including items such as vehicles, furniture, stock and more. In addition, through a new organizational giving solution, administrators now have a simple and consistent way to record gifts made by an organization. As a result, Pushpay is now a single point of truth for all donations, allowing customers to have visibility to all gifts, independent of the payment method or type.

In tandem with the above product enhancements, today Pushpay also announced the launch of Pushpay University, a curriculum hub designed to equip the Church to grow in leadership, communication, and technology. Pushpay University is a central place to explore current teachings from some of the most well-known industry leaders and experts.

“In working with top churches and leadership teams across the U.S., we have a wealth of content and information to help churches as they continue to nurture their community and grow their mission,” Troy Pollock, vice president of community at Pushpay, said. “We are excited about the opportunity to bring people together digitally to learn, share and connect with their peers.”

Pushpay University is currently available to all Pushpay customers. The hub has a diverse range of content including videos, curriculum, quizzes, and next steps designed to encourage teams to interact and discuss learnings together.


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