The Church Executive “Leadership Library” — 9 GREAT Books for Pastors


A curated collection of great books for pastors


ReachingMillenials_mck.inddReaching Millennials

By David Stark

In Reaching Millennials, successful church consultant David Stark shares proven, practical methods for churches to attract and engage young people.

Based on principles that built the early church, Stark’s strategies help leaders utilize their church’s strengths and show how churches can reach out to their communities in ways that align with the positive interests of Millennials.


The Necessary Nine: Things Effective Pastors Do Differently

By Bob Farr & Kay Kotan

The Necessary Nine contains nine simple axioms for effective pastoral and lay leadership for the church.

It will help the reader with the simple leadership strategies that, if practiced over and over and over, will change the effectiveness of their leadership, impacting the church and the world.


The Most Excellent Way to LeadThe Most Excellent Way to Lead

By Perry Noble

The BEST leaders strive for excellence, inspire their teams, and provide strong leadership.
But, there’s a way of excellence that motivates teams to exceed their goals.

Discover Biblical teaching that reveals the heart of great leadership in The Most Excellent Way to Lead by Perry Noble. Get your copy today!


Mission DriftMission Drift

By Peter Greer & Chris Horst

In Mission Drift, two nonprofit leaders show organizations how to stay true to their Christian mission, and offer tools for getting back on track if drifting.


20160420_123629_resized (1)Lead… for God’s Sake!

By Todd G. Congwer

An unusual leadership book! Lead… for God’s Sake! is a parable for discovering who you are as a leader, how you measure success, and why you lead. The lives of a basketball coach, a CEO and a janitor intersect, revealing truths about leadership, relationships and success. An insightful read.


PrintFear of the Other: No Fear in Love

By William H. Willimon

There is a distinctively Christian way to engage the so-called “outsider” and “stranger.”

“This gutsy, biblically rich, theologically searing book … gigs everybody’s sacred cow. Not only is the one whom Christ loves Other but God is Other. The ground beneath us shakes the walls that divide us.” — Tex Sample

Conviction To LeadConviction to Lead

By Albert Mohler

Conviction to Lead: Hailed as the reigning evangelical mind by Time, Albert Mohler reveals his leadership secrets and shows how to become a leader people want to follow.



AbingdonPress2The Changeover Zone: Successful Pastoral Transitions

By Jim Ozier and Jim Griffith

The Changeover Zone addresses a critical and perennial need in the church: the process of handing the baton of pastoral leadership from one person to the next. Authors Jim Ozier and Jim Griffith offer practical, clear instructions and guidance for both clergy and congregations.


All the Places to GoAll the Places to Go

By John Ortberg

In All the Places to Go…, John Ortberg reveals the countless doors God gives us, teaches us to recognize them, and encourages us to step out and lead, with faith — embracing the extraordinary opportunities that await.

Be aware. “Go ahead — walk through that door.”



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  1. Clayton Allan

    Leadership books can always be hit or miss. In my opinion I look at what past leaders can tell me. For instance right now I am reading Theodore Roosevelt and the Making of American Leadership by Jon Knokey. Teddy’s leadership was unmatched, and the ways he used it is what intrigues me most. I can implement a lot of that. That’s the kind of book I can follow!

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