The future of the church

Future or PastDo you ever wonder what the “church” — the body of Christ — will look like in 10 years? Twenty years? Longer? Curious about how church leaders see the future? Will worship be different? Will how we “do church” be similar or turned on its ear? Will there be a new wave or methodology that will take the world by storm like church planting and multisite has done the past five to 10 years?

There is a group in Phoenix that is very curious about this and has started a video project called, uniquely enough, “Future Of The Church.” Led by Steven Siwek, this team is passionate about interviewing church leaders and people directly involved with the future of the church from a wide range of perspectives.


There video interviews include such people as:

That is an incredible list, and I am extremely humbled to have been asked to also provide an interview. Here is the interview that was just recently released with my opinions on the future of the church related to (you guessed it) facilities / tools.

I hope you enjoy this 19-minute interview as I have been able to share some deep passions and convictions. For all of their interviews, go to FUTURE OF THE CHURCH on Vimeo.

TIMCool-stairsTim Cool is project executive at Visioneering Studios in Charlotte, NC, and founder of Cool Solutions Group. Since 1986, Cool has served the church community in the areas of construction, facility planning and facility management. He can be reached at This blog originally appeared on his blog, “Cool Conversations Live.


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