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3 reasons to have a daily routine as a leader »

I’m a list guy. Some of you have already stopped reading because of that fact. I will put something on my list that I’ve already done just to cross it off and feel the accomplishment. I know. I’m sick, right? Pray for me. I’m also a guy who loves routine.…

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Excitement Builds for National Back to Church Sunday on September 21 »

Church leaders in Mississippi and Florida work together to engage local residents COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Aug. 21, 2014 /Christian Newswire — A national movement is gaining momentum as tens of thousands of churches prepare to welcome several million people to services all on the same day, Back to Church Sunday®…

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WEB-EXCLUSIVE: Church payroll and tax laws »

What you need to know now…

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WEB-EXCLUSIVE: 3 reasons to hire for potential over experience »

By Milan Ford In a recent study performed by professors at Stanford University and Harvard Business School, it was discovered that several industry-leading companies now favor new job candidates who appear to have the “potential” to succeed in the roles they were applying for over those who had already demonstrated…

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The 6 reasons, 6 dos and 2 don’ts of the reprimand »

There are six reasons for a reprimand … 1) Values are disregarded. Your business or team might have a high value of being on time to meetings. If this is violated multiple times, it could easily be reason for a reprimand. 2) Rules have been broken. Your teenager knows his…

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5 common preaching mistakes & how to fix them »

Preaching week after week, year after year, is extremely challenging. Doing so with any degree of consistency and excellence is even more challenging. No preacher is at his or her best every weekend. Personal matters and church issues can hurt preparation time. Sometimes, the well just seems dry. There’s no…

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Florida church’s “Back to School” mission project fills hundreds of backpacks for local students »

First Presbyterian Church of Fort Lauderdale's children's ministry "Back to School" mission project collects hundreds of filled backpacks for local students…

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WEB-EXCLUSIVE: Acoustics 101 »

What pastors need to know about how acoustics supports the spoken word…

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Guinness World Record Event: Liquid Church Of NJ attempts to break record for most hunger relief packages assembled simultaneously »

MOUNTAINSIDE, NJ /PRNewswire — Earlier this month, more than 350 kids and volunteers demonstrated that you don’t need to be superhero to help with problems as widespread as hunger across our cities. Participants from Liquid Church’s Camp Rock program worked together on Friday, July 11, to break the Guinness World…

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4 keys to the first interview »

Over my 25-plus years of ministry — I started when I was 10! — one quick realization was that hiring the right staff is crucial to any church. Obviously, good hiring applies to leaders of a volunteer organization, sports team or business, as well. One of the keys to a…

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LEADERSHIP Millennials at National Community Church in Washington, D.C., attend worship services in various venues.

How to reach and lead the millennials

By Rez Gopez-Sindac They want to change the world and will need intentional mentors to succeed. The Millennials — those born after 1980 — constitute the new mega generation. Right now there are about 80 million Millennials in America. This confident, connected and ethnically diverse generation is a major force…

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10 things to know about leading young adults

By Sam S. Rainer III The younger generation is not the church of the future. They are the church of today. What are they looking for in a church leader? How can you equip them to lead today? Allow me to offer 10 insights. 1. They desire integrity among leaders.…

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RISK MANAGEMENT confindential-art-backgroundchecks

Screening staff and volunteers

Religious organizations are a community within themselves, built on faith and trust. …

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Risk control: An often-ignored — but critically important — ministry

An often-ignored — but critically important — ministry…

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Pastor Friendly A/V Faith Presbyterian Church in Cape Coral, FL, recently expanded its sanctuary and updated its audio system. The church also expanded its stage lighting and added projection. 

(Photo courtesy of Custom Sound Designs)


How one church (successfully) updated its technology and improved the worship experience.…

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Case study: Ohio church upgrades its digital system

By Lisa Young The main auditorium at Naz Church in Grove City, OH, seats about 2,800 and has a congregation of 3,000. The church recently installed two Yamaha CL Series Digital Audio Consoles — a CL5 at front of house and a CL1 at monitors — as well as eight…

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MISSIONS & TRAVEL Visit the garden tomb

Destination: Israel

The most frequently asked questions travelers have — and their answers.…

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5 questions to consider before your next church trip

By Eric Spacek, JD, ARM Taking a mission trip, or traveling to a convention, concert or speaking event are great ways to extend the reach of your ministry. However, once you begin transporting members off the property on behalf of the church, there are special circumstances to consider. Make sure…

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Have phone, will travel

Fresh ideas for a tried-and-true connection tool …

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