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Customized Discipleship


Over the years, businesses intentionally embraced the


Ten bad work habits to kick


We all struggle with bad habits; at home; at work; privately and publically.


Ask for directions


Direction, not intention, determines destination.


Pilgrimage redefines understanding of miracles


As our plane gently nestled into the landing strip at Lourdes, we found ourselves surrounded by emerald green mountains, a fairytale village and smiling faces. Our earlier worries and fears lightened as we were greeted by the noble Knights and Dames of Malta on our journey of hope and faith.


Church Executive, November 2011, Volume 10, Issue 11

CE November

This issue includes an interview with Alan Danielson, senior pastor, New Life Bible Church, Norman, OK. Also included is a story about a special needs ministry, as well as, special sections on giving and church construction.


Creative design pays off for new children’s facility

Church attendance has increased and there’s a waiting list for preschool.


Churches embrace ‘third spaces’ for families


A Georgia church responds to the needs of its congregation by providing spaces designed for youth.


Electronic giving has seen growth, especially with the young

Kiosks don’t always fit the culture of the congregation, but online giving has a “up and to the right” trend line.


Steps your church can take to update insurance coverage

A fire rips through your facility just before the Christmas season.


When faced with adversity, congregation ‘raises the roof’


St. Mary Immaculate Parish in Plainfield, IL, located about 40 miles southwest of Chicago, had a problem that many congregations are all too familiar with: The church and campus buildings had roofs that leaked and needed replacing. In the face of tough economic times, the congregation came up with a unique way to raise the funds. Their “Raise the Roof” campaign helped put a new roof over their heads and also got parishioners personally involved. St. Mary Immaculate Parish is a congregation of some 27,000 members in Plainfield, part of the Catholic Diocese of Joliet, IL. The church building opened in 1993 following a devastating tornado that hit the area in 1990, and other buildings followed as the church has grown during the past 20 years.