A step-by-step church staff review guide

Staff reviews are thought by some to be intrinsically miserable and somewhat useless. They really don’t have to be. They can actually be a time staff looks forward to.


Make “cents” of compensation


By Jim Cook, CFP® I recently had a conversation with the new administrator of a large, multi-site congregation regarding review of the pay structure for the staff. She was shocked by the seemingly random salaries for many staff, noting that many — with similar levels of responsibility, background and credentials — had widely divergent salaries. […]


Good Steward Award: Staff management (multi-site)


First Baptist Church of West Palm Beach (West Palm Beach, FL)


Good Steward Award: Leadership (Innovative Outreach)


First Congregational Church of Rockport (Rockport, MA)


Building a better church


The No. 2 chair at the 24,000-strong Willow Creek Community Church belongs to Heather Larson


Why we need more women in high-capacity leadership roles


At the opening session of the recently concluded Global Leadership Summit, Bill Hybels, senior pastor of Willow Creek Community Church, gave a big shout-out to Willow’s executive pastor, Heather Larson.


The risk is real

A simple Google News search for “child sexual abuse in the church” yields 27 pages of results … and that’s just the headlines from the past 30 days. This reality stands in stark contrast to a mindset which experts agree pervades too many churches: It can’t happen here. Given the gravity of what’s at stake, […]


WEB-EXCLUSIVE: 3 reasons to hire for potential over experience

In a recent study performed by professors at Stanford University and Harvard Business School


How to reach and lead the millennials

Millennials at National Community Church in Washington, D.C., attend worship services in various venues.

By Rez Gopez-Sindac They want to change the world and will need intentional mentors to succeed. The Millennials — those born after 1980 — constitute the new mega generation. Right now there are about 80 million Millennials in America. This confident, connected and ethnically diverse generation is a major force to be reckoned with. They […]


10 things to know about leading young adults


By Sam S. Rainer III The younger generation is not the church of the future. They are the church of today. What are they looking for in a church leader? How can you equip them to lead today? Allow me to offer 10 insights. 1. They desire integrity among leaders. Our research has shown that […]