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How to be cost-conscious — & environmentally responsible — with your wireless audio equipment

What are you spending on disposable batteries every year for wireless mics, lavaliers and in-ear monitors? Have you considered a rechargeable solution?

The ability to purchase batteries (and charger) just once — and yet equip your church for years! — is not only a money-saving proposition, but also a planet-saving idea that helps you do your part as a good steward of the environment. Consider this example:

Case Study: Woodmen Valley Chapel

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Before: 3,000 throw-away batteries purchased per year at an annual cost of $1,300 

Woodmen Valley Chapel in Colorado Springs is a 35-year-old, non-denominational community church with a contemporary flair that reaches a wide demographic range of people. More than 6,000 individuals — including many military personnel — join the church every week, between two campuses.

With more than 80 technical volunteers between the dual campuses, the church rotates them on a monthly basis: 20 volunteers per weekend, scheduled once a month for the Saturday night service and for two Sunday morning services.

Combined, the two campuses have more than 60 wireless devices — mostly microphones, but also IEMs, guitar tuners, etc. Church leaders were spending in excess of $25 per week just replacing old batteries. That adds up to about $1,300 a year.

Obviously, there had to be a better solution than merely replacing old batteries with new ones.

After: 60 rechargeable batteries purchased per year at an annual cost of $240 

About seven years ago, Woodmen Valley Chapel decided to purchase ANSMANN rechargeable batteries to use during its Christmas production. At the time, the church had 40+ wireless mics that were being used for 12 performances; as such, battery replacement costs would have been exorbitant.

Church leaders quickly realized that rechargeable batteries would essentially pay for themselves over the course of the production. After that, it was a no-brainer to switch exclusively to rechargeable batteries.

Now, Woodmen Valley Chapel runs 100+ batteries per week and has 120 ANSMANN rechargeables in its inventory. Church leaders use six ANSMANN Energy 16 battery chargers, charging 12 AA and four 9-volt batteries at a time, as well as a bunch of smaller smart chargers in classrooms.

In this short video, find out how ANSMANN Rechargeables can save your church money on batteries for wireless mics, in-ear monitors and effects pedals. Kick the disposable battery habit and start saving hundreds every year.

So, the church now spends about $240 a year for 60 batteries — and that’s a significant savings. After all, it used to dump more than 3,000 alkaline batteries a year! And, aside from saving money, church leaders are also doing their part to be environmentally friendly.

Total savings: more than $1,000 per year — with no waste!

Where do you start?

Every church can use rechargeable technology to save money and clean up the environment. Whether you have two wireless mics or 20, ANSMANN has a rechargeable solution for you church.

ANSMANN has developed The Church’s Guide To Rechargeables, an easy, step-by-step method to successfully implementing a rechargeable solution for your wireless systems. It’s available for FREE download online.


ANSMANN is a German-based mobile energy company that specializes in professional-grade rechargeable batteries designed to meet the demands of pro-audio applications. They are used by more than 25,000 churches, including Northpoint Ministries, Thomas Road Baptist, Gateway, and thousands more.

ANSMANN’s new “Max E Pro” battery provides 8+ hours of run-time in a wireless mic and can be recharged up to 2,100 times. This means a one-time purchase of these batteries (and charger) will equip your church for years, without the need to re-purchase costly throw-away batteries every month.


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