7 benefits when leasing your church bus

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By Josh Davey

When it’s time to consider transportation for your church, you might be overwhelmed with choices. Although there are many different types of buses that may work for your congregation, starting with the terms of your bus — purchase, rental or lease — is a great place to start.

If you’re looking for more than a two- to seven-day trip, leasing might be the best choice.

Here are 7 benefits to your church when you lease:

#1: Increase attendance. Church attendance has gradually declined. Opportunities to transport passengers might not only directly increase attendance, but also passively increase attendance by being more visible in the community.

#2: Cost-effective. Leasing a bus for your church is often a low monthly payment and can be budgeted in as a fixed cost.

Also, because it would be under warranty, there wouldn’t be much in the way of surprise maintenance costs (aside from routine preventative maintenance), further supporting your budget.

#3: Community outreach. Day trips, mission trips, and other community church projects are great uses for a bus.

Additionally, a bus gives your congregation an opportunity to be involved by collecting and distributing food baskets, clothing and other household items.

#4: Congregation transportation. Whether it’s community outreach, retreats for youth ministry, or family-focused events, a bus helps your church get where it’s going.

#5: Comfort and convenience. When you lease, you can trade in your bus once the lease terms have been fulfilled — and get a brand-new bus, with the same features, or improved features and upgrades. This ensures your bus is always growing with the needs of your church.

#6: Storage. A beneficial, albeit unconventional, use for a bus lease is added storage. Whether you use that storage for signs and outreach project materials, or as extra space for decorations around the holidays, it provides easy-to-access space for your congregation.

#7: Recognition. When you drive through the neighborhoods you live and work in, you’ll begin noticing the number of branded vehicles and buses around you. Now imagine that it’s your church bus people are seeing.

Studies show that when someone sees the same marketing message in different places, it makes an impact on the likelihood of their following the call-to-action. Your church bus can feature graphics with your service times, website and phone number.

Leasing a bus is easy, and it helps get you and your church out into the community to reach more people, grow your attendance, and establish roots with your congregation. Plus, with less worry about maintenance and affordability, you can focus solely on the needs of your attendees and the communities you serve.

Josh Davey, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, comes to Davey Coach Sales from Minnesota.

Josh is an invaluable asset to Davey Coach, and is quite adept at helping customers with developing the specifications and build-orders for specialty coaches.


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  1. I never took into account that renting a bus to transport people from one place to another would be easier and cost-effective since you will not have to worry about its maintenance. My boss told me that he would like to organize a conference to present our newest products but many of the people that he would like to invite aren’t from here. I will recommend him to rent an executive bus that can take them from their hotel to the conference place.

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