Church Executive, March 2012, Volume 11, Issue 3

The CE Interview: Jenni Catron, Executive Pastor, Cross Point Church, Nashville, TN
By Ronald E. Keener

Since Jenni Catron moved from being am artist development director in the Christian music industry in Nashville, to being executive pastor of Pete Wilson’s Cross Point Church, she hasn’t seen the two being wholly different. “I like to say that ‘I put feet to the vision,’ which is what I do now for Cross Point.

Back to the future: Kids learning in community
By Phil Miglioratti
One of the originators of Willow Creek Church’s Promiseland shares the intentions and values of that early program.

Churches want to know how they can be more effective
By Ronald E. Keener

The Willow Creek MOVE study follows on from the REVEAL survey in finding new insights into spiritual growth.

Picking a fight with the IRS: The politics issue
By Frank Sommerville

Why some churches battle the government about restrictions on political activities from the pulpit.

Being humble is one of the most critical traits of a great leader
By Ronald E. Keener

Leaders at the very top fail to realize that no one else in the organization can do what they do in maintaining a cohesive team.

Who’s watching the funds?
By Eric Spacek

Embezzlement happens far too often, as churches are naturally trusting.

Churches might not own their websites
By Kenneth Liu

The website designer you hired may own the materials used and use them again with the church down the street.


Ron Keener

Speaking Volumes
By Ronald E. Keener

Technology Update
By Ronald E. Keener


Bell tower embellishes a great cathedral
By Sarah de Ita

Carillon of 23 bells plays automatically by a computerized system with more than 500 songs in its library.

Youth center brings the ‘wow’ factor
By Steve Fridsma

A former injection molding plant is turned into a unique gathering place for young people.


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