Church Executive, November 2010, Volume 9, Issue 11

The CE Interview: Palmer Chinchen
By Ronald E. Keener
Most pastors speak about mission work from afar. Palmer Chinchen, pastor of The Grove, a 1,500-person congregation in Chandler, AZ, lived with his parents in the jungles of Liberia for more than 10 years.

Churches need to recognize the symptoms of avenger violence
By John Nicoletti and Sara Garrido
Author writes about the harassment of her parents in their parsonage and the violence it led to 40 years.

‘Revolutionary church planting:’ Read the Bible, do what it says
By Camren Cheline
Twenty-one churches have been planted by Hill Country Bible Church in partnership with others since 1992.

Facebook and church management systems can coeist
By Lauren Hunter
Churches use social media platforms to enhance communication among congregants.

Downsizing or right-sizing: Tough questions in a tough economy
By James Osterhaus
Staffs have idealistic expectations when the clergy are perceived as parents and congregants as siblings within “the family.”

Making the right first impression — with building design
By Michael D. Barnes
Contemporary church architecture trends exemplify warm and inviting spaces.

Return the fire when people take pot shots at your great idea
By Ronald E. Keener
Change guru John Kotter describes how colleagues may attack your latest inspiration and how to overcome the obstacles.


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